Russia’s fitting response to US

Moscow/Washington: The United States expelled ten Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions against 30 Russian individuals and institutions. Russia also has given a fitting reply. Russia has expelled ten US diplomats from the country and has blacklisted eight current and former highly placed US officials. The US department of state warned that an appropriate reply would be given to this, saying that this Russian action will increase the tension between the two countries.

Russia's fitting response to USChristopher Wray, Chief of investigation agency FBI, Alejandro Mayorkas of Homeland Security, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Michael Carvajal, the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Internal Policy Advisor to Biden, Susan Rice and former National Security Advisor John Bolton are the eight officials blacklisted by Russia. While making this announcement, Russia expelled ten US diplomats from the country. Such an action was expected from Russia.

A reaction has been received from the US state department over the Russian action. The United States decided to expel the Russian diplomats and impose sanctions against Russian individuals and institutions to stop the dangerous Russian activities. This was an appropriate reply by the United States to Russian activities. But the action taken by Russia will go on to increase the tension between the two countries. The United States is not interested in increasing tension with Russia. US State Department warned that the United States reserves the right to retaliate against the action taken against it.

Russia's fitting response to USMeanwhile, after announcing the action against Russia, President Biden had proposed talks to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia had dismissed the proposal. Before this, President Biden had referred to Russian President Putin as a murderer. Therefore, as per indications, there is no possibility of starting a dialogue between the two countries to reduce the tension. After taking over the reins of the United States, President Biden had declared that Russia is the biggest adversary of the United States.

Russia's fitting response to USBiden had said that Russia is an enemy and China is a competitor. Biden had warned that his administration would not surrender in front of Russia, like the previous Trump administration. Therefore, it is visible that the US-Russia relations, which had normalised to an extent during the times of President Trump, apparently will fester again during the tenure of President Biden.

Russia has adopted a very aggressive stand regarding Ukraine. At the same time, Russia dismissed the demand for the release of Putin’s opponent Navalny made by the United States. Analysts worldwide are inferring that tension similar to the cold war times has been created between the United States and Russia.

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