Russian President Putin commands to concentrate on ‘Hypersonic Missile Defence’ and ‘Aerospace Force’

Third World WarMoscow: Russia has initiated strong actions to develop the capabilities in the space following the United States announcement to establish a Space Force and assigning it the status of a Combat Command. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to focus on the Aerospace Command, a part of the defence forces, to develop this sector. The order demands efforts to develop a Hypersonic Missile Defence System, before any other country in the world.


Meeting of the various defence departments of Russia was held on Tuesday. Capabilities of the defence forces, future plans, availability of different weapon systems and deployment were discussed in this meeting presided over by President Vladimir Putin. At this point, while speaking regarding the future plans, Putin ordered focus on the development of Russian Aerospace Forces.

Russia, Putin, aerospaceRussia amalgamated the Russian air force and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces to form a single Russian Aerospace Command. This decision was taken in view of the interconnection of airspace and space sector and their increasing importance. But it was observed that the development of this sector was lagging, since the last few years, as compared to the military and navy. But given the US withdrawal from the INF and the stress given on militarization of the space sector, Putin ordered focusing on the schemes for the Russian Aerospace Forces.

President Putin has ordered to provide special attention to the Hypersonic Missile Defence System, out of the possible future developments in the Russian Aerospace Forces. The Russian President pointed out that Russia has achieved reasonable success with the development of the hypersonic missiles and other systems, but at the same time, other countries too are making serious efforts to acquire these capabilities. Putin has also said in his order that the system should be ready with Russia before the other countries develop hypersonic missiles and deploy them in Combat Alert state.

It is said that as of now, only the United States and China have succeeded in developing hypersonic missiles. Although Putin did not take name any country, it is clear that he was pointing at the hypersonic missiles being developed by the United States. Russia has announced the development of various missiles in the last one year, and Putin had claimed that some of these missiles are capable of dodging the enemy missile defence systems. Against this background, recognising that the hypersonic missiles developed by the United States will be deployed against Russia, Putin has ordered to develop the hypersonic missile defence systems on a priority.


$1.6 billion’s provision for NASA moon mission, announcement by President Trump

Washington: President Trump announced ‘Efforts are being made to regain the important status for NASA and Moon and Mars Missions will be a part of it. NASA will be given additional funding of $1.6 billion, for this purpose.’

Russia, Putin, aerospaceNASA has activated a plan to send a manned mission, once again, to the Moon and various tests are being conducted for the same. NASA has indicated that even private aerospace companies from the United States, will be participating in the project. Two months ago, US Vice President Mike Pence, had announced an ambitious plan to send an important manned mission, to the Moon, in 2020. The announcement for additional funding becomes significant, against this background.


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