Pro-Russian candidates win elections in Moldova and Bulgaria

Brussels: While the current political leaders in Europe seem threatened by Donald Trump‘s victory in the US, pro-Russian leaders are on the rise in Eastern Europe. In the elections held on Sunday in Bulgaria and Moldova, pro-Russia candidates appear to have been elected. Two pro-Russian presidential candidates being elected at the same time in two countries is considered a huge blow to the European Union and its anti-Russian policies.



The ‘Socialist Party’ candidate, Igor Dodon from Moldova, which used to be a part of the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in 1991 but which is currently a part of the European Union, won the elections with 55% votes. Mr. Dodon who started his career from Moldova’s Communist Party has proclaimed that his first foreign visit as a President will be to Russia.

He said that the Russian market is significant for Moldova’s economy and indicated that talks would be held for the same. Dodon’s election is turning out to be a huge blow for the European Union and Ukraine. In the year 2014, he had openly supported Russian takeover of Crimea.

After Moldova, the European Union had to face another blow in Bulgaria, after the pro-Russian candidate Rumen Radev won the elections by securing more than 60% of the vote. Mr Radev who is recognised as the former Air Force Chief, had openly taken a stand to lift the sanctions imposed against Russia over the Crimea conflict. Thus, analysts claim that after his election, Bulgaria would once again be pulled under the influence of Russia. These changes that are taking place in the European politics are signs of ‘Polarisation’ taking place at an international level.

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