Afghans openly resist Taliban’s extremism – 70 professors of Kabul University resign as Taliban replaces Vice-Chancellor

Kabul: – The Taliban, who replaced Kabul University’s highly educated vice-chancellor with a radical, has been shocked. Protesting against this, about 70 professors and associate professors of Kabul University have resigned. Not only that, but the Taliban, who denies education for girls, said that music is forbidden and has now ruled that the killing of journalists involved in spying is legal. Its repercussions are being felt around the world, including Afghanistan.  


A few days ago, the Taliban denied education to Afghan girls. The Taliban had issued a decree that girls in universities and schools should be educated according to their beliefs and wear the burqa. Photographs were released by the Taliban, claiming that students at Kabul University had accepted the rules. However, the students had exposed the real face of the Taliban, claiming that they were forced to wear the burqa, at gunpoint, by Taliban militants. Now the Taliban has terminated the services of Mohammad Osman Babury, the vice-chancellor of Kabul University. The Taliban have not given a reason for the action against the highly educated Babury. But by replacing him with the radical Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat, the Taliban have again shown their true face.  

University professors, associate professors and staff resigned protesting the appointment of Ghairat. The professor warned that the Taliban should reverse its decision within a week.  

The professors have alleged that Ghairat was selected to implement the Taliban’s education system. Earlier, Ghairat had backed the Taliban‘s extremist ideology. Ghairat had demanded that music be forbidden and should be banned in Afghanistan. At the same time, Ghairat had supported the killing of journalists, saying that a spying journalist is more dangerous than a hundred soldiers. That is why there is an outrage over the Taliban’s choice of Ghairat as vice-chancellor of Kabul University. 

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