Pentagon makes provision of $1 billion for President Trump’s Mexico Wall

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Washington: The US defence department has decided to make a provision of $1 billion for building the Mexico Wall, as per President Donald Trump’s Proposal. This decision by the defence department is considered to be a major success for President Trump. Only two days ago, a report absolved President Trump and his campaigners from the accusation of collusion with Russia, during 2016 elections. While reacting to this, President Trump had warned that those responsible for this evil conspiracy will be taught a lesson. Against this background, this decision on the Mexico Wall issue becomes significant.


Pentagon-provisionPresident Trump declared an emergency, in February, on the issue of the Mexico Wall. He declared the emergency saying ‘A border security and humanitarian crisis has been created on the southern border and it is a threat to the national security.’ Before the announcement, the information about planning by the White House, regarding the matter, had been revealed.

In the White House proposal, there were indications of making a provision of $7 billion for building the Mexico wall. Of which,$681 million was to come from US Treasury, $3.6 Billion from Military construction Fund, $3 billion from the Civil Works Fund of the Pentagon and 200 million was to come from the Internal Security Fund. The indications were that a unit of the Army Corps of Engineers would immediately undertake construction of the wall.

The statement released by the US defence department on Tuesday, instructs the Army Corps of Engineers to assist the government agencies, to build fencing on the Mexico border. The statement also clarifies that the US defence department has the rights to issue these orders, as per US laws. The statement says that nearly 91 kilometres long and 18 feet high fencing will be installed on the Mexico border and a provision of $1 billionfor this expenditure has been made.

These funds have been sanctioned under the emergency declared by President Trump over the Mexico Wall issue. The opposition parties in the US Congress, have objected to this funding and have blamed the acting Secretary of Defence Patrick Shannon, for not taking approval from the Senate committee.

A few days ago, the Trump administration presented the budget for 2020 and forwarded a demand for provision of $8.6 billion, for the Mexico Wall. In this budget, the defence department has made a provision of $12.7 billion, for other projects and it is believed that a part of these funds will be diverted for the Mexico Wall. 

Meanwhile, Special Officer Robert Mueller submitted a report absolving President Trump and his campaigners of the accusation of collusion with Russia, during the 2016 Presidential elections. This report is considered to be a major political victory for President Trump. Following the publication of this report, President Trump has indicated to adopt an aggressive stand against his opponents. President Trump has threatened to teach a lesson to the opponents, saying that he will settle the scores with those, who were a part of this evil conspiracy, against his country.

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