Pakistan will not be affected with conflict in Afghanistan: Pakistan Military General Bajwa

Dushanbe/Karachi : ‘The anti-terrorist war in Afghanistan will have complete support from Pakistan. But will not let this war affect Pakistan’, warned Pakistan’s Military General Qamar Javed Bajwa. At the same time, he made a absurd claim that Pakistan’s army has removed hurdle of all terrorist from the country. American President Donald trump had announced a new policy regarding Afghanistan which will keep Pakistan on the edge. On this background, reactions appear in Pakistan.
conflict in Afghanistan


Last week American President announced a new policy for Afghanistan. In this policy President Trump inflicted that the terrorist causing insecurity in Afghanistan have ‘safe heaven’ in Pakistan. He had sternly warned Pakistan that if it does not take strong actions against terrorists, it will have to lose lot more. By this President Trump has kept Pakistan on edge.
While there were reactions from Pakistan’s back benched China on this announcement from US President, Pakistan’s Military General Bajwa had refuted these allegations in the Quadrilateral Counter-Terrorism Coordination (QCCM) summit held in Tajikistan. General Bajwa claimed that all terrorists have been wiped out of Pakistan and patrols have been increased on the border.

General Bajwa also met the Afghanistan Military General Sharif Yaftali and suggested that if Afghanistan needs overture in establishing peace then Pakistan is always available. On the other hand, the Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claimed that American Presidents’ Afghanistan policy will fail.

Apart from this, Pakistan has expressed its displeasure by postponing the visit of Alice Wales-Deputy Minister of US External Ministry’s ‘South and Central Asia’. The Pakistani media reported that Pakistan government has taken a stance that this visit will be possible only on availability of appropriate time. In Karachi, there were demonstrations against the Afghanistan policy of US President.

Meanwhile, the US President has appreciated India‘s developmental efforts in Afghanistan. Trump had also appealed that strategically India can provide more assistance in Afghanistan anti-terrorism war. This evocation by US President for India has been welcomed from all levels and this has increased the restlessness of Pakistan.

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