North Korea: We won’t abandon nukes with US holding guns at our heads

Pyongyang/Washington Dated 25 (News Agencies)


north-korea-test_reutersNorth Korea threatened that they cannot give up nuclear weapons even if the United States has held a gun to their head. North Korea’s senior officer Han Song Ryol claimed that they have now become a powerful nuclear country and will again start nuclear and missile testing. Ryol gave this information in an interview conducted by US media.

Han-Song-RyolThe South Korean army revealed that on Wednesday morning, North Korea had tested two medium range ballistic missiles.These missiles called “Musudan” can fire up to 3500 kilometers and were tested projecting towards Japan. After the tests, Japan severely criticized North Korea on this issue. Its supreme leader Kim Jong-un warned that the successful testing of its medium range missile “Musudan” has shown that it can easily target United States and its engagements in Pacific region. 

Han Song Ryol, Director-General of the department of U.S. affairs at North Korea’s Foreign Ministry gave his first ever interview to the American news media and echoed similar thoughts as his leader. He blamed United States for North Korea’s current state of affairs. He commented that United States should stop their military threats; sanctions and stop pressurizing North Korea. They will not change its aggressive role if US continue such activities. He alleged that it would be like US putting a gun on their head and asking for their help.

He also fully supported North Korea’s nuclear tests and asserted that these tests are an indication of the nation’s growing competence. He mentioned that while United States and other countries are producing and deploying their nuclear weapons, North Korea is not going to be left far behind them.

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