North Korea prepares for missile tests; US warns of Harsh sanctions

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Washington/Seoul: After the talks between US President, Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator fell through, last week, North Korea resumed with its controversial missile program. South Korea claimed that North Korea was preparing to test a long-range missile at the Sohae missile launching station. The United States has expressed anger over the development and US National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned that is the Kim regime is not willing to give up its nuclear program, the United States will impose harsh sanctions against North Korea.

missile-tests-North_koreaLast week, the second meeting between the US president and North Korean Dictator was held in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. Scrapping the North Korean nuclear program and establishing peace in the Korean region were the topics of discussion is the meeting. But the meeting between Trump and Kim fell through, as consensus could not be reached on important issues. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted that despite this, we expect to continue to talk with North Korea.

But the South Korean military alleged that while the Trump-Kim meeting was being held, the North Korean military had made preparations for the manufacture of a long-range missile at the SohaeTongch’ang-Ri missile launching station, near capital Pyongyang. As per the information given by the South Korean intelligence to a local news agency, the North Korean military started rebuilding the missile launching station at the concerned location, between 16th of February to 2nd of March.

Last year, North Korea had given positive signals that it was ready for negotiations with the United States, by dismantling the missile launching station. The South Korean military criticised that reactivating the launching station, clearly indicates the intentions of North Korea to restart its missile program. The photographs taken by satellite companies in the United States endorse this claim made by the South Korean intelligence agency.

The United States also has reacted to this, and President Trump has expressed displeasure over the issue. Trump also warned that if the information given by the South Korean intelligence and the satellite photographs of the US company are found to be correct, the United States will take action. Whereas, US National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned North Korea in clear words. Bolton reminded ‘If North Korea is not willing to voluntarily stop its nuclear program, then President Trump’s positions are clear on the issue. Strict sanctions will be imposed against North Korea.’

Meanwhile, although the North Korean dictator consented for negotiations with the United States because of the initiative taken by President Trump, it was apparent that North Korea did not agree with the US position. The North Korean situation has become clear after the meeting in Hanoi. Before participating in the Hanoi meeting, the North Korean dictator had also visited China and met Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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