NATO must unite to counter Russia, China and Iran, appeals US Secretary of State

Third World WarWashington: The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appealed that the NATO countries must unite to face the challenge of the growing threat from Russia, China and Iran. The US Secretary of State drew the attention of NATO members, to Russian aggression, uncontrolled immigrant influx, cyber attacks, the threat to energy sources, Chinese challenge at the military level and the insecurity created because of the Chinese 5G technology.


NATO, russia, china, iran, USA meeting of foreign ministers was organised to mark the 70th anniversary of the NATO at Washington in the United States. At this time, the US Secretary of State appealed to the NATO members to unite, keeping aside the internal differences. Russian aggression has been increasing, which in turn risk the security of Ukraine and Georgia. The United States claimed that the Russian activities in the Black Sea region are especially concerning. Both Ukraine and Georgia are keen on becoming members of NATO. Therefore, the security of these nations is significant for NATO.

Against this background, the US Secretary of State appealed to the NATO members to cooperate with Ukraine and Georgia and recommended sending their warships, to these countries. Although there are severe internal differences in NATO, it is claimed that all the members’ countries agreed on cooperation with Ukraine and Georgia. US Secretary of State also underlined the Chinese threat.

NATO, russia, china, iran, USThe US Secretary of State underlined that Chinese movements at the military level are becoming dangerous and security and personal life are under threat from the new Chinese 5G technology. The US Secretary of State demanded at this time, the NATO countries should not select Chinese company Huawei, for implementation of the 5G technology. Meanwhile, the shadows of the severe differences in NATO were being seen in the meeting. Turkey, a NATO member, has made preparations to purchase S-400 missile defence system, from Russia, without paying any heed to the objections raised and opposition by the United States. The United States, in view of this, has revoked the commitment to supply advanced F-35 fighter jets to Turkey and this seems to have festered the dispute between the two countries. During the Washington conference, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that the S-400 agreement is already complete and there is nothing to discuss it. At the same time, Cavusoglu also said that no other country could decide, as to whom Turkey should cooperate. The Turkish Foreign Minister clarified that Turkey had asked the United States to supply Patriot air defence system, but the United State has not provided the system in the last ten years, forcing Turkey to opt for the Russian S-400 system.

The differences between the United States, the leader of the NATO, and the member countries are increasing, and the stance taken by US President Donald Trump is being held responsible for it. The United States bears most of the NATO expenses. However, President Trump demanded that the other countries must spend a certain percentage of their GDP on defence expenditure. The NATO members reacted to this and Germany criticised the US President over this matter.

Against the background of the differences with the United States, Germany and France are jointly building a military front, along with other European countries as an alternative to the NATO. However, the proposal for the military front seems to have taken a back seat, as seats the current national leaders of Germany and France have become unstable.

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