Mutilation of dead bodies of martyred Indian soldiers by Pakistan

Srinagar: Pakistani military’s ‘Border Action Team’ (BAT) has mutilated the dead bodies of the martyred Indian soldiers. A fierce surge of resentment has emerged across the nation on this act carried out by the Pakistani army by entering 250 meters inside the LoC in the Nangi Tekri region of the Krishna Ghati sector of the Poonch district in Jammu – Kashmir. The Indian army has warned Pakistan that it would avenge this act. While as usual the Pakistani army has claimed that its soldiers have not conducted such an act.


Mutilated-soldiersSince the last few days the Pakistani army has intensified the firing in the LoC region of Jammu – Kashmir. The Pakistani army has instigated India by launching rocket and mortar firings in this region. Not just this but the Pakistani Army chief , General Bajwa had visited the LoC region of the PoK and had said that they would always support the Kashmiri people. Post this instigating statement by General Bajwa , the ‘BAT’ which has inclusion of the army soldiers and the terrorists, intruded nearly 250 meters inside the LoC in the Nangi Tekri region. By firing in this region , they killed Naib Subedar,Paramjeet Singh of the army’s 22 Sikh Regiment and the head constable , Prem Sagar of the Border Security Force (BSF). ‘BSF’ soldier, Rajendra Singh has got injured in this crossfire.

‘Even during an ongoing war the dead bodies of the soldiers are not mutilated in this manner. India would retaliate appropriately to this inhuman act’ , defense minister Arun Jaitley warned Pakistan using such precise words. ‘ This act would be avenged but the Indian army would decide the time and place of it’ , said the army in its statement.

Pakistan’s BAT mutilated the dead bodies of the martyred soldiers by beheading them. Post this news coming to the fore a surge of resentment has emerged across the nation and the Indian media is severely reacting to it.

Ex. Army officials and analysts too are giving fierce reactions to Pakistani army’s inhuman actions. India had given an overview of its capability to Pakistan by performing the surgical strike. However Pakistan has not learnt a lesson with one surgical strike. Therefore the Ex. Army officials and analysts are demanding that the Indian army should frequently conduct surgical strikes to teach a lesson to Pakistan. At the same time the Pakistani army involved in such actions has become barbarian and undisciplined and it would prove to be a contempt of the army discipline to refer them as an army. Such  intense reaction is coming from within India.

The Pakistani army has denied these allegations on them and has claimed that the Pakistani army is completely professional. By stating that such an act could never be performed by our soldiers, the Pakistani army has declared a statement that the Pakistani army does not commit any ceasefire violation on the LoC.

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