Must resist foreign interference in the Indo-Pacific, Chinese President slams Aukus deal

Beijing – Chinese President Xi Jinping has slammed Australia’s defence cooperation agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom. Interference of the foreign forces in the Indo-Pacific region must be resisted, warned President Jinping. This warning given during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting seems to be directed towards United States, United Kingdom and Australia. This new deal will trigger global competition for nuclear submarines, claimed CCP mouthpiece Global Times. Earlier, the Chinese media had warned that this deal could make Australia the target of a nuclear war.


Indo-Pacific, China, Xi Jinping, Australia, US, Aukus dealThe United States, United Kingdom and Australia have signed this defence cooperation agreement to respond to China’s dominant activities in the Indo-Pacific region. As per this Aukus deal, the United States and the United Kingdom will provide eight nuclear submarines to Australia. Apart from this, these nations have also agreed upon cooperation in the domains of long-range missiles, cyber technology, artificial intelligence, quantum technology. While Japan and Taiwan welcomed this agreement among the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, China fired a salvo of criticism.

Over the last few days, the Chinese spokespersons, embassy and press targeted the United States and Australia over the Aukus deal. Chinese President Xi Jinping fired a salvo of criticism over the Aukus deal without naming it in the SCO meeting. Jinping said that this agreement marks interference of foreign forces, so it must be resisted, he further warned. Moreover, he also advised that every nation must develop and prosper through self-efforts.

Indo-Pacific, China, Xi Jinping, Australia, US, Aukus dealBesides, while criticising this nuclear submarine agreement, the Chinese press threatened Australia and the United States over nuclear war and the arms race. ‘Australia can become a target for nuclear war due to the nuclear submarine deal’, threatened Global Times. The United States has been accused of inciting a global arms race by signing the agreement with Australia to provide nuclear submarines.

Due to this US agreement, other nations will initiate moves to procure the nuke submarine technology. Also, transferring such technology will be legally approved. Besides, tensions can arise as the use of nuclear submarines is strategically essential, claimed Chinese media. Moreover, Global Times warned that even though this agreement is signed to provide only submarines, it can later include nuclear weapons.

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