Military Mutiny against President busted in Venezuela; 27 soldiers arrested as per government claims

Third World WarCaracas: Military mutiny against the Nicholas Maduro, the Venezuelan President has been arrested. A division of the National Guard took over the armoury near capital Caracas, announcing that this was a mutiny. Following this, a few incidents of arson and violence were also reported in regions near the capital. But the government claimed to have detained all the soldiers involved and busting the mutiny. A few days ago, leaders of the opposition front had appealed to the Venezuelan people for a democratic revolution. The Latin American countries had declared support to this revolution.

Monday at the local time of 2.45 am, an attempt was made to attack a military base near capital Caracas. A few soldiers tried to take control of the armoury and some senior officials. A soldier calling himself Sargent Alexander Figora even published a video announcing a revolution.

nicholas maduro, venezuelan, mutinyThe soldier announced the revolution in the video saying ‘You had appealed to us for a conflict in support of the national constitution. We have come to honour your appeal. You had asked to create a spark, and we have done then, now we need your support.’ While the video was being circulated, a few citizens resorted to arson and violence shouting slogans against president Maduro.

The Venezuelan military announced busting of the mutiny with a few hours. Venezuelan Defence Minister, Vladimir Padrino announced the arrest of the insurgency saying ‘A small group of attackers has been arrested. The Venezuelan military denounces the mutiny and clarifies that this is in blatant violation of the military discipline and tradition. The act was a part of the sinister interests of the extreme rightist groups.’

Although the mutiny on Monday has failed, the issue of discontent, in the Venezuelan people, about President Maduro has been highlighted once again because of it. It is significant to note that while the opposition front announced a nationwide agitation against the government from Wednesday, a military unit attempted mutiny. The Maduro government does not have support from any countries other than Russia, China and a few Latin American countries.

The United States, Brazil and the European countries have expressed willingness to endorse the opposition front, as the official government in Venezuela. Therefore, the analysts have indicated that the unsuccessful attempt of mutiny on Monday could prove to be a decisive stage in the moves being made in Venezuela against President Maduro.

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