644 militants from 8 terrorist organisations surrender in Assam

Guwahati: A milestone event occurred in the Northeast India, which will put an end to terrorist violence once and for all. 644 terrorists from 8 banned terrorists outfits surrendered in the presence of Assam’s CM, Mr Sarbananda Sonowal, they also surrendered their arms and ammunitions. This is the first time, the terrorists have surrendered themselves in numbers and this includes major terrorist organisations such as ULFA and NDFB. Furthermore, this surrender also includes a Maoist.

As many as 644 militants from 8 terrorist organizations surrender in AssamIn Assam, 644 terrorists have surrendered themselves along with a humongous arsenal, which includes 177 arms, 1.93 kilos of explosives, 52 hand grenades, 71 bombs, 306 detonators, other weapons of destruction and explosives. All of this has been seized from them. The terrorist surrendering themselves in such a huge number along with their ammunitions has happened for the first time in the history of Assam.

The terrorists from major terror outfits such as ULFA (I), National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), Rava National Liberation Front (RFLF), Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO), National Santhal Liberation Army (NSLA), National Liberation Front of Bengal (NLFB), Adivasi Dragon Fighter (ADF) and CPI (Maoist) have surrendered in this episode.

The Chief minister extended a warm welcome to all those who decided to return to the mainstream and rebuild their lives. He further added a desire that all those who are still bearing the arms and ammunitions, should join the mainstream and think about the betterment and development of India. He emphasized that peace is the only prerequisite for ushering development and heading towards the progress of the country.

The highest number of terrorists surrendering was from NLFB, which is 301. Followed by 178 from Adivashi Dragon fighter (ADF) and 87 from the National Santhal Liberation Army (NSLA).

As many as 644 militants from 8 terrorist organizations surrender in Assam50 militants from Paresh Barua’s group ULFA (I), which is said to be the biggest terrorist group of North East India, too have surrendered. One of the major groups from this organisation has been continuously reported to be involved in peace talks with the government for the past ten years. However, Paresh Barua who is said to be in staunch opposition of India is carrying out his terrorist activities by forming an altogether different group. Consequently, this event is said to be a big bombshell for Barua. The whereabouts of Paresh Barua are reported to be traced sometimes in Burma or sometimes, even in China.

In in addition to the above list, 8 militants from NDFB, 6 from KLO, 13 from RNLF have been reported to have surrendered. The last group from the NDFB is said to have surrendered to the Indian Security Agencies two weeks before the event.

Besides, the major terrorist groups like the Nagas and Kuki have also started discussions with the government. At the same time, they entered into the agreement to end the conflicts which existed amongst them.

Over the last few years, major steps have been taken against the militant organisations from the North East with the help of Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. This in turn, has weakened these terrorist outfits. Moreover, the government is also trying to talk peace with the militant organisations. This has caused numerous terrorists too surrender as well and has helped to curb the acts of violence of in the North East India. Furthermore, the six militant organisations who refused to give up the path of violence have been detained.

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