Home Ministry operationalizes first ‘Laser wall’ by ISRO on Indo-Pak border

India Border Laser wall _PTITo prevent the entry of the terrorists from Pakistan, Union Ministry of Home Affairs has taken a decision of setting up of laser walls at 40 places on the borders. Out of which the first wall was made operational. Post the attacks on the Airforce base at Pathankot in January, the decision to complete on fast track the project of setting up of laser wall on borders was taken. Accordingly, till now the work of eight laser walls has been completed and according to the sources of Ministry of Home Affairs four more laser walls will be made operational in a few days to come.  


The laser wall made operational on Thursday is on India-Pakistan border in Punjab. Even though there is a large deployment of BSF and Army soldiers on the borders, yet there are a few places from where the terrorists intrude in large numbers. Especially it is difficult to patrol in rivers or wetlands. It has been noticed before that the terrorists have entered the borders of India by taking advantage of rivers or wetlands areas.

On that background, these walls are built on the parts of border having river areas alongside. Forty laser walls will be set up on the India-Pakistan border in Punjab. Cameras too will be set up around these laser walls. If the intruders try to invade from the areas having laser walls, a siren will blow and inform about the intruders. The laser walls will be observed through the medium of satellite. It is said that this will help in preventing the invading. The Central Government is planning to set up such laser walls in other border areas of the country.

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