Khamenei rule in Iran soon to collapse, claims US President’s attorney

Third World WarWashington: The days of Iranian government are numbered, and it will collapse soon, claimed Rudy Giuliani, attorney to President, Donald Trump. Giuliani expressed confidence that there will be a change of guard in Iran and an elected democratic government will come to power referring to the ongoing protests. At the same time, the Israeli newspapers have claimed that there is a difference of opinion within the Trump administration about whether the current Iranian government should be pressurized into negotiations or be overthrown.

The meeting of ‘National Council of Resistance of Iran’ (NCRI) was held in United States, Trump’s attorney, Giuliani claimed that the Ayatollah government in Iran will collapse within a year and will be replaced by the pro-democracy government formed by Maryam Rajavi addressing about 4,000 guests in that meeting. Maryam Rajavi is known as the current President of the NCRI and she has consistently been making efforts to overthrow the Ayatollah government. Therefore, Giuliani’s statements indicate that the United States is looking at the NCRI as the next ruling party in Iran.

khamenei, collapse, us, donald trump, ncriGiuliani says that the current Iranian government is in danger and if the United States exerts further pressure, the government will collapse. ‘After the United States imposed sanctions on Iran, major countries around the world are also avoiding getting into trade relations with Iran. This has affected the Iranian economy and has put tremendous pressure on the government. But the sanctions by the United States will only become harsher in the coming times and thus, the Iranian government will collapse,’ said Giuliani in the NCRI meeting.

In the meanwhile, although the United States is targeting the Iranian government, it is regularly reiterating its support to the Iranian people. The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo highlighted this stance once again by expressing support to the protests in Iran. Despite this, the Israeli newspapers have claimed that there is a difference of opinion within the Trump administration about the Iran policy. The US National Security Advisor, John Bolton feels that there is no alternative other than overthrowing the Iranian government. Therefore, Bolton has been recommending to exert more pressure on Iran. Whereas, the US Secretary of Defence is of the opinion that although it is necessary to exert more pressure on the Iranian government, it should be with the intention of bringing them to the negotiation table.

In the opinion of Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, if the pressure on Iran exceeds a certain limit and the government crumbles under the pressure, it will be a threat to the allies of the United States in the Gulf. This can trigger a war and that will have its effects all over the world. The Israeli newspapers have claimed that Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is also of the same opinion as Mattis on this matter. This is the reason why Secretary Mike Pompeo has demanded that Iran should stop its nuclear program and should also withdraw its support to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hezbollah and Hamas, claimed these newspapers.

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