Japan should possess capabilities to attack China, Japanese military analyst urges

Tokyo: – Japanese military analyst Masafumi Iida appealed that the seriousness of the Chinese threat is increasing. In this scenario, Japan also should acquire the capability to attack China. Iida suggested that Japan should build the capability to attack the ports and bases on the Chinese coastline.   

The US think-tank ‘Centre for Strategic and International Studies’ had organised an online forum. Masafumi Iida, head of the America, Europe, and Russia Division at the Japanese think-tank ‘National Institute for Defense Studies’ (NIDS), participated in the forum. At this time, Iida pointed out the ever-increasing threats from China.   

Iida reminded of the dangerous increase in the rights awarded to the coast guard by China, growing intrusion in the Senkaku Islands marine region and the patrolling of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, near the Japanese Okinawa islands, at this time.   

Iida clarified that the Chinese marine aggression is increasing in this sector and Japan has a dire need of US assistance to counter China. The Japanese military analyst said that the cooperation between the United States and Japan would be important to counter the Chinese aggression. Also, Iida suggested that increasing the number of joint war exercises between the United States and Japan and an increase in patrolling in the East China Sea and exchange of confidential information is the need of the hour. Japan also should increase its airstrike capabilities, Iida said.   

“Japan has made major changes to its defence policies over the last few years. However, Japan needs to acquire more aggressive military capabilities, given the ever-increasing Chinese threat,” Iida asserted. The Japanese military analyst also suggested that japan should acquire air strike capabilities to target the military and naval bases and ports on the Chinese coastline. 

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