Japan joins NATO cyberwar exercises to prepare for action against the Chinese cyberattackers   

Third World War

Tokyo: – Japan has joined the front opened by NATO to counter China, who is using the cyber sector as a weapon. Japan joined the cyberwar exercises initiated by NATO to counter the Chinese cyber attackers. Japanese defence ministry gave this information. A major reaction is expected from China over this development.   


NATO is conducting a vast Cybersecurity exercise in the east European country, Estonia. NATO military and cybersecurity officials are participating in the exercise, which will last till Friday. Japan has joined this exercise, organised underlining the threat of the Chinese cyberattacks, for the first time.  

The United States and European countries had criticised that Japan, a leader in the technology sector, is taking minor steps in the cyber sector. The economies of the United States and Europe are linked to Japan. The western countries are worried that in this situation if Japan suffers a cyberattack, it will result in huge losses to them. Therefore, NATO had demanded that Japan should join the cyberwar exercises organised by NATO against the Chinese cyberattacks.  

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had given the information regarding the cyber cooperation between Japan and NATO. But the Japanese defence ministry revealed this information only a few hours ago. The exercises included stopping the cyberattacks on computers, safeguarding the confidential information and launching counter-attacks on cyber hackers.  

Till date, Japan had taken a stand of an observer in the NATO exercises. Despite appeals to make its position more comprehensive, Japan had maintained a conservative stand. But with the military policies changed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the support from the United States, Japan has made its position comprehensive, on all the military fronts.  

China is known as the leading country of cyber hackers. The United States and European countries claim that China has surpassed even Russia in cyberattacks. In the last year, Chinese hackers have launched cyberattacks on the United States, European countries, as well as India and the south-east Asian countries.  

The United States and European countries had appealed to Japan for support to counter the Chinese cyberattacks. A few days ago, the Japanese Prime Minister had sanctioned this cyber cooperation. Henceforth, Japan too will be retaliating along with the United States and European countries, against the cyberattacks originating from China. This could prove to be a major challenge for China.  

China had spewed fire, on japan making its military policies aggressive. Therefore, a major reaction can be received from China regarding Japan, joining the front opened by NATO against China. 

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