Japan and Australia back the Philippines over China’s incursion

Manila: – Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines, Koshikawa Kazuhiko, warned, ‘Japan will bitterly oppose any activities in the South China Sea that would escalate the tension in the region.’ It is being exposed that this Japanese warning is aimed at China, which has created tension by sending its 220 ships in the Philippines marine region. Upset with this, China criticised that Japan was a country from outside this region. China has blamed that countries like Japan are creating instability in this region.  

Phillipines-japan220 Chinese ships have intruded in the Philippines marine region for the last two weeks. The Philippines had accused a few days ago that these ships have been anchored near the Julian Felipe island. The Philippines government indicated that there is a militia, meaning trained soldiers, on these ships. Last week, the Philippines military published photographs of these Chinese militia ships. Now, satellite photographs of these Chinese ships in the Philippines’ marine limits have also been released to the international media.   

Japanese Ambassador Koshikawa Kazuhiko criticised this intrusion of the Chinese ships in the Philippines marine region. Kazuhiko clarified on social media, ‘Japan fully supports international maritime regulations. At the same time, Japan is making efforts for a free, open and peaceful marine sector. Japan will fully support the rights of the Philippines over this marine region.’  

Along with Japan, even the United States criticised the intrusion by the Chinese ships in this region. The US embassy said, ‘China always uses its militia to incite and threaten other countries. These ships are threatening the peace and security of the region.’  

Australian Ambassador to Philippines Steven Robinson warned, ‘Australia will support a secured, free and all-inclusive Indo-Pacific sector. Sailing through the South China Sea, one of the important marine passages for freight movement should be based on international maritime regulations. Activities creating instability in such a sector can fester disputes.’  

The Chinese embassy in the Philippines replied to the Japanese objections. Chinese embassy retorted, ‘China, who is claiming rights over the South China Sea, is responsible for the region’s peace and stability. Therefore, countries from outside the region should not play dirty political tactics by poking their noses in these matters.’ The Chinese embassy also accused Japan, which has become a subject of the United States, is stooping too low.   

The Chinese embassy indirectly targeted the United States, saying that this despicable Japanese behaviour is inviting a wolf waiting to rip off portions of the sector. Amid these verbal volleys, reports indicate that China has increased its construction activities on the artificial islands in the Philippines marine region.  

Because of the Chinese intrusion in its marine region, the Philippines has initiated naval patrolling in the area. Therefore, a strong possibility of a conflict sparking in the area is predicted in the next few days. It is clear that, in such a situation, Japan and Australia will stand firm behind the Philippines. The United States also has criticised China and has delivered a message that it is opposed to intrusion.  

China has become unrestrained since Joe Biden took over as the President of the United States. The increased Chinese aggression from Myanmar to the Philippines is drawing the attention of analysts around the globe. The criticism that President Joe Biden is a complete failure in containing China is intensifying. It is becoming difficult to defend Biden, on the Chinese issue, even for those who have supported Biden to date.   

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