ISRO tests Free-Space Quantum Communication, India one of the few countries in the world

Bengaluru: – Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) tested the super-advanced technology, Free-Space Quantum Communication, using light particles for exchanging data. The test was successful, and with this, India entered the list of selected countries having this technology. It is claimed that this makes data communication extremely secure, and no one can hack this. The use of this technology will prove vital for confidential communication and the defence forces in the future.   


free-space-quantum-isroOn Monday, ISRO established communication between two locations, 300 metres apart, using Free-Space Quantum Communication. This technique is also known as Quantum Cryptography. ISRO announced that a videoconference was held using the Free Space Quantum Communication. This test was conducted in the Space Application Centre at Ahmedabad at night.  

This is a system of Quantum Key Distribution and has been developed by ISRO. Worded messages, photos and videos reach from one place to other using light rays. Information coding in the current cryptosystem is based on an algorithm. Whereas, in Free-Space Quantum Communication, security is based on the principles of quantum physics. ISRO informed that, therefore, satellite date communication becomes extremely secure. This Quantum Cryptography messaging system will be impenetrable for any future technology from the computer sector. Therefore, this technology also is said to be future proof. There is a need for a special transmitter and receiver for sending and receiving messages for using this technology. ISRO has developed this transmitter and a receiver named NAVIC.   

More importantly, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) also has developed the Quantum Key Distribution system. In December, DRDO successfully tested the technology. It established communication between two of its laboratories in Hyderabad. Therefore, two organisations in the country have simultaneously developed Free-Space Quantum Communication.   

Only the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and China have this Free-Space Quantum Communication technology. India has entered the league of these selected countries.   

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