ISRO launches EOS-01 and 9 other satellites

New Delhi: ISRO launched the Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-01) which will augment the surveillance capabilities of the Armed Forces. Ten satellites were launched by ISRO on Saturday using the PSLV C-49 launch rocket. These include nine foreign satellites. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the scientists at ISRO for the achievement.


ISRO launches 10 satellites along with EOS-01On Saturday, the satellites were launched at 3.12 in the afternoon from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. The launch was scheduled for 3.02 in the afternoon. But the launch was delayed due to bad weather. This was the 51st mission of the PSLV rocket. Whereas, ISRO has once again demonstrated its capabilities, by launching satellites successfully, even during the Coronavirus crisis.

The satellites launched on Saturday included the Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-01). This satellite helps in agriculture, jungle mapping and rescue missions during emergencies. More importantly, this is a Radar Imaging satellite. This satellite can prove very useful for the Indian military. It is claimed that this satellite can be used for military surveillance.

ISRO launches 10 satellites along with EOS-01This satellite can shoot high-resolution pictures even in bad weather conditions and in the pitch darkness of the night. The synthetic-aperture radar, onboard the satellite, can pierce through the cloud cover and take photographs. As per experts, now it will be possible to map the movements on the Chinese border more clearly. This increases the significance of EOS-01 launch. Meanwhile, the nine other satellites include four each from the United States and Luxemburg and one from Lithuania.

The number of foreign satellites launched by ISRO reached 328, including the Saturday launch. The ISRO launch was broadcasted on the website, YouTube channel, Facebook and even on the Twitter page.

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