Israel deploys ‘Star-Wars’ like missile killer system

Jerusalem: Israel has upgraded the capability of its anti-missile defence technology by taking it to a new level.  Just like in the American TV series ‘Star Wars’, the ‘Arrow 3’ is an anti-missile defense system which is capable of dealing with nuclear, biological or chemical missiles in outer space and has now been deployed in the Israeli Air Force.


israel arrow missile

It was being said that Israel continues to rapidly enhance its nuclear program and is receiving financial and military aid from the US. Against this backdrop, the Israeli defence ministry has declared the induction of the ‘Arrow 3’ anti-missile system, jointly developed by state-owned ‘Israel Aerospace Industries’ and US firm Boeing Co., in the Israel Air Force.

Israel Air Force has deployed the ‘Arrow-2’ long-range missile system since the year 2000. However, the ‘Arrow 2’ has limited destructive capabilities. The ‘Arrow 2’ is not capable of intercepting ballistic missiles. The Israel defence ministry has informed that the Israeli and US companies have made major changes to ‘Arrow 2’ and equipped these missiles with Radar and advanced technology. The ‘Arrow 3’ anti-missile system will protect Israel from possible ballistic missile attacks, claim the Israeli Air force.

Also, the ‘Arrow 3’ has the capability of intercepting misses in outer space. Therefore, the nuclear, biological or chemical missiles targeting Israel can be destroyed at a safe distance, claims the Israeli Air Force.

IsraelPrior to its induction into the Israel Air Force, the ‘Arrow 3’  missile system was rigorously tested. In 2015, the ‘Arrow 3’ fulfilled all the criterions set by the Israel Air Force. Although, some of the tests of the ‘Arrow 3’ missile system performed last year were unsuccessful, the Israel air force are still determined on its deployment.

This system stands to be the second biggest anti-missile system in the Israeli defence cavalry. Previously, Israel had deployed the ‘Iron Dome’ interceptor to counter short-range missiles and rockets. The Israeli Army had successfully used this technology in the Gaza war.

Presently, the ‘Arrow-3’ system has been deployed to destroy targets in outer space. Apart from this, to counter the medium-range missiles launched by Lebenon’s Hezbollah militants, Israel will be deploying ‘David’s Sling’ missile system in its cavalry.

Israel has stepped into the league of select few nations capable of intercepting missiles in outer space. The ‘Aegis’ ballistic missile destroyer system of the United States is said to be of similar potential. Currently, the US warships equipped with the ‘Aegis’ are deployed in the Japanese as well as the Mediterranean sea. Since the past few years, Russia has successfully tested its ‘S-500’ missile system.

Israel claims that Iran’s nuclear program poses a potentially huge threat. Israel has also consistently warned that, it would not allow Iran to become a nuclear state under any circumstances. But if Israel was to attack Iran, all the middle eastern countries would be dragged into this war and this would lead to terrible consequences and therefore, it would prove crucial to help enhance Israel’s competence in order to protect it from Iran’s attack, say senior US diplomats..

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