Israel claims to have developed a Coronavirus antibody

Jerusalem- Israel’s Defence Minister, Naftali Bennet, claimed that the Israel Institute of Biological Research has developed an antibody against Coronavirus. He further added that this is a ‘significant breakthrough’ toward a possible treatment for the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, Israel is taking further steps to patent and secure its rights for its commercial development. The Israel Institute of Biological Research [IIBR] is known to be the ‘secret unit’ of the Israeli Defence Force.


The Coronavirus pandemic originated from China has caused havoc across the world. The research and investigation to find the right cure against the virus are ongoing in various nations across the globe. More than 100 organisations, internationally, are actively researching and trying to develop the vaccine. A few days ago, UK’s Oxford University informed of having developed a vaccine against Covide-19 and had initiated its testing. Also, a pharma company in the US has claimed of having developed a vaccine. Against this background, Israel’s Defence Minister’s visit to the IIBR and the claim following that draws serious attention.

The ‘monoclonal neutralising antibody’ developed at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) ‘can neutralise it (the disease-causing Coronavirus) inside carriers’ bodies. Furthermore, it is now working to patent its antibody and secure a contract for its commercial development, informed the office Defence Minister Bennet.

Before this claim of the Defence Ministry, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had declared in an international summit that Israel will provide aid of $6000 bn to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, he also expressed faith that Israel’s researchers and organisation will co-operate and significantly contribute to fighting against the Coronavirus.

It was informed earlier as well that Israel will be the first nation to find the cure and develop the vaccine against Coronavirus. Israel’s ability to develop vaccine had also been discussed after Coronavirus caused havoc in Iran. At that time, Iran’s Supreme leader advised that opting for Israeli vaccine will be ideal if no other choice is left. However, Israel had denied having developed any vaccine at the time.

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