An ‘Iron Wall’ a necessity for the protection of Xinjiang, proposes Chinese President Xi Jinping

Beijing: It has become a necessity to build a ‘wall of  iron’  in the Xinjiang province,  in the western part of China, claims Xi Jinping, the President of China. At the moment, a plenary session of the ‘National People’s Congress’ is on in China. It has been said that during the session, President Jinping who was meeting the representative members of Xinjiang,  put forward the proposal for ‘the Great  Wall of Iron’. 


jinpingTo the western part of China in the province of Xinjiang resides a majority of the Islamic ethnic group Uyghur. The Uyghurs are demanding a formation of ‘East Turkestan‘ to which the Chinese ruling party is objecting. The Chinese Government has declared the groups fighting for the demands of Uyghurs as terrorists and also taken strong measures  against them.  According to the information received, in the past several months, the terrorist organisation ‘IS‘ has made its entry in the province of Xinjiang.  

On the basis of this, the representative Council of Xinjiang met Jinping, the Chinese President . In the  meeting, the officials from Xinjiang claimed that the terrorism caused by these extremists could pose a huge challenge for the stability of China. As a response to this claim, the raising of the Iron Wall as a solution has been put forward by President Jinping.   

In the ancient times in China, massive wall had been built as a protection against the Mongolian tribes. This wall is famous  as the ‘The Great Wall of China’. President Jingping, in the presence of the Representative Council of Xinjiang, introduced the new wall as ‘The Great Wall of Iron’. 

The  past few years, the ruling party in China has been consistent in taking legal actions against the Uyghurs residing in Xinjiang. Military and Para-Military forces have been deployed on large scales in this province and restrictions have been put forth on passport applications  and other facilities. 

In spite of this, the terrorist attacks are observed in various parts of Xinjiang which is an indication that the solutions put forth by the ruling party have been unsuccessful. In this context the idea to build  an Iron Wall seems quite unique.   

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