Attacks on passenger and military bases in Iraq increase

Baghdad – There were three drone attacks on the international airport in the Iraq capital Baghdad. Just a few hours before this, five rockets were fired at the US military base in Ballad city. No organisation has accepted the responsibility for these two attacks carried out in the last 24 hours. But a dense possibility is surfacing that an Iran affiliated terrorist organisation will be behind the attacks. It has been exposed that the Iran supporting terrorist organisations are carrying out these saboteur activities accusing that Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, is pro-United States.


Baghdad International Airport,drones,attack, Iraq,Al Asad Airbase,Popular Mobilization Forces,Qassim Mahmoud MuslehThere were two drone attacks on the Victory military base at the Baghdad international airport. The details of the damage caused by the attack have not been revealed. Also, investigations are on to determine the make of the drones. Tension had been created at the Baghdad international airport area following these drone attacks. There have been rocket attacks on the Baghdad international airport in the past. But concerns are being expressed as the drone landed near the important airstrip at the airport.

One and a half-hour before the drone attack, five rockets were launched on the Ballad military base to the north of the capital, Baghdad. Two of these rockets landed in the areas used by the US contractors. Four people have been injured in the Ballad attack; they include three foreign and one local contractor.

Baghdad International Airport,drones,attack, Iraq,Al Asad Airbase,Popular Mobilization Forces,Qassim Mahmoud MuslehBefore this on Sunday, two drone attacks had been carried out on the Ain Al Assad airport. No organisation has accepted responsibility for these attacks over the last five days. But suspicion is expressed that Popular Mobilisations Forces (PMF), Iran supporter terrorist organisation, is behind the attacks. Last month, Musleh, a PMF leader, was arrested by the Iraqi anti-terrorism squad.

The Iraqi security agencies had taken this action, against Musleh, given the attacks on the US airbase. After that, supporters of Musleh had straightaway entered the Green Zone in Baghdad and laid siege on the Prime Minister’s office. The Green Zone in Baghdad is home to government offices and foreign embassies. The tension in the Green Zone had been heightened, with terrorist infiltration in the area. The local religious leaders criticised that the aggression shown by the PMF has maligned the image of PMF in the minds of the local population.

Baghdad International Airport,drones,attack, Iraq,Al Asad Airbase,Popular Mobilization Forces,Qassim Mahmoud MuslehTwo days ago, Major General Ismail Ghani, Chief of the Iranian Quds Forces, paid a surprise visit to Iraq and secured the release of PMF leader Musleh from the Iraqi military. However, the attacks on the Iraqi airbases have increased since the Musleh release. PMF and other Iran affiliated leaders and groups are demanding that the United States withdraw its military entirely from Iraq, just like Afghanistan. But the Iraqi population is expressing concerns that if the United States withdrew its army completely, the entire country would be under Iranian control.

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