Iran ship attackers will face retaliation; Iran military warns Israel and US 


Tehran: – Iranian military warned that Israel and the United States are certainly responsible for the attack on the Iranian ship MV Saviz. But, Iran will not take any action unless the investigation is completed. However, Iran will take action against the attackers once the masterminds of the attack are exposed. Simultaneously, the Iranian military has clarified that the Gulf countries have nothing to do with the incident.   

The Iranian freight ship Saviz, which was anchored in the Red Sea for nearly four years, was attacked. It is claimed that a Limpet mine, which was planted under this ship, used by the Iranian Revolutionary guards for espionage, was used to carry out the explosion. Saviz suffered major damages in the explosion; photographs published show that water entered even the engine room.   


A sailor on the ship informed while speaking to the Iranian news agency that a helicopter had hovered over the ship a day before the explosion. Therefore, the Iranian media are claiming that this was a planned attack.   

Iranian foreign ministry also said that its ships were attacked. Iran had not expressed any suspicion regarding the perpetrators of this attack, carried out two days ago. But a leading US newspaper had carried a report that Israel was responsible for the attack, quoting a US official.   


After that, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, spokesman of the Iranian military, accused that the United States and Israel were responsible for the attack. Brigadier General Shekarchi said that there was no doubt in the Iranian mind regarding this.   

But an investigation is being carried out in the attack; Shekarchi clarified that Iran would not act against anyone without solid proof. But Iran will certainly take action against those connected with the attack after the investigation is completed. Journalists asked Shekarchi whether Gulf countries were responsible for the attack, as the attack was close to Saudi marine limits. Replying to this question, Shekarchi said that the Gulf countries had no role in this attack.   

Meanwhile, Israel has avoided giving any reaction regarding the attack on the Iranian ship. But Israeli Defence Minister, Bennie Gantz, had suggested that Israel would act whenever necessary.   

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