Iran should not take wrong steps, appeals US CENTCOM Chief

Muscat/Tehran: US CENTCOM Chief General Kenneth McKenzie appealed, ‘The United States is trying to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. At this time, everyone should take cautious and sensible steps. While efforts are going into rebuilding mutual trust, Iran should not take any incorrect steps.’ While making this appeal, General McKenzie pointed out to Iran that the United States was prepared for any eventuality. Only last week, the US CENTCOM Chief had suggested that the United States should start using different bases in Saudi Arabia. General McKenzie made a suggestive statement that these bases would be handy if the tension escalates with Iran.


Iran should not take wrong steps, appeals US CENTCOM ChiefOnly last week, the Biden administration in the United States expressed willingness to sign a new nuclear deal with Iran. Reports are being received that the talks for this purpose are already underway. At the same time, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan informed that discussions for the release of the US citizens detained by Iran also are being held. Iran also said that the European Union’s proposal for the nuclear deal was being studied. In this scenario, General Kenneth McKenzie, Chief of US CENTCOM, established by the United States for the Gulf countries, is on a visit to the US allies in the region.

Iran should not take wrong steps, appeals US CENTCOM ChiefWhile on his visit to Oman, General McKenzie made this appeal to Iran during an interview. General McKenzie said, ‘If Iran wishes to be recognised as a responsible country in the region, it has to stop its malicious activities. Mutual trust can be established only in this way.’ At the time of this interview, General McKenzie surveyed the region near the Strait of Hormuz on a military helicopter. At the same time, he also gave a reaction, ‘Today is filled with fog, and nothing is clear’. After that, General McKenzie visited the Khasab naval base in Oman.

The CENTCOM chief also expressed concern that Iran will avenge General Qassem Soleimani’s assassination despite the United States signing a nuclear deal with Iran. General McKenzie pointed out, ‘Iran is awaiting the opportunity to avenge the assassination of General Soleimani. Therefore, the Iranian threat is not over. Despite this, the United States is prepared to face any eventuality for the safety of its soldiers.’

Iran should not take wrong steps, appeals US CENTCOM ChiefWhile the US CENTCOM Chief is making this appeal to Iran, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Rafael Grossi rushed on a visit to Iran. Iran had announced that it would not allow entry to the IAEA observers into its nuclear projects. Grossi paid this visit to Iran to talk to the Iranian leaders regarding the decision. Iran has accepted to allow limited access to the IAEA observers. Iran has lashed out that this access will only be for the next three months.

Meanwhile, the IAEA observers have claimed that traces of objectionable Uranium have been found in two Iranian nuclear projects. A leading US newspaper has carried this report. Only a few days ago, Iran started Uranium enrichment, thus violating the 2015 nuclear deal.

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