Iran issues ultimatum on nuclear deal, given recent developments in Strait of Hormuz

Third World WarTehran: A contrast reaction has emerged from Iran, while the United States accuses Iran of having a hand in the attacks on the two oil tankers, in the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued an ultimatum, saying that Iran would not unilaterally abide by the nuclear deal signed in 2015. The ‘message’ the Iranian President delivered at a time when the United States and its Mideast allies are preparing for action against Iran, becomes significant.


Iran, nuclear deal, usThe United States not only levelled allegations against Iran of being responsible for the attacks on the oil tankers but even published a video concerning the incident. President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defence Patrick Shanahan have made rounds of crushing accusations against Iran. Also, the United States has dispatched two advanced warships towards the state. The US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is already deployed in the Persian Gulf to counter Iranian action. Therefore, the United States is increasing the pressure on the Islamic Republic while the US leaders have claimed that the possibility of an attack on Iran could not be ruled out.

However, Iran has dismissed all the US accusations, and the Iranian leadership is blaming the United States of conspiring against it. As the United States takes bold steps, the Iranian President, who is currently on a visit to Tajikistan, has made extremely suggestive statements attracting the attention of the entire world. ‘The responsibility of abiding by the nuclear deal signed in 2015, does not lie only with Iran. If the other signatories of the agreement do not follow the provisions, Iran will walk out of the nuclear deal,’ President Rouhani warned. The Iranian President expressed hope that ‘If Iran is expected to comply with the agreement, all the other nations should also demonstrate positive intent regarding it.’

Iran, nuclear deal, usThe Iranian President has suggested that the aggressive political and military activities against Iran could be countered by scrapping the nuclear deal. Earlier, Iran had issued a stern warning to the countries opposing it and threatened to increase the uranium enrichment. Iran has warned its adversaries as even its allies that if anyone ventured to act against Iran, referring to the events in the Strait of Hormuz, it would have nuclear consequences.

Meanwhile, as the possibility of sparking a war with Iran is growing, because of the anti-Iran policies of the Trump administration, a few US senators have initiated moves to stop President Trump. Reports of preparations for supplying massive amounts of arms and smart bombs, to Saudi Arabia, an adversary of Iran in the Gulf, have surfaced. The military supplies to Saudi, which is accused of violating human rights with attacks on Yemen, are believed to be a part of the anti-Iran strategy.

Nevertheless, the senators are opposed to it and also do not agree with the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Therefore, given the circumstances, certain US newspapers claim that the senators have initiated moves to stop President Trump.

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