Iran destroys replica of US warship in war exercises, US bases in the Gulf on high alert

Dubai: – Iranian Revolutionary Guards destroyed a replica of a US warship, with missiles, during a war exercise held in the Strait of Hormuz. The Iranian military officials claimed that Iran demonstrated its military readiness through these war exercises. Whereas, the United States criticised that Iran showed its irresponsibility and imprudence through the Iran-war-execrisewar exercise. Meanwhile, the United States had placed its airbases in the Gulf, at Al Dhafra and Al Udeid, on high alert, given this war exercise. Of these, the Indian Rafale fighter jets had halted at the Al Dhafra airbase. This war exercise was held in the Strait of Hormuz, the path of passage for 20% of the world’s oil. The naval and air force wings of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards participated in the exercise. An exercise to attack an enemy warship, threatening the security of the Strait of Hormuz, was held at this time. Just before this, Iran targeted and destroyed a replica of the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. First, Iranian helicopters targeted the replica with missiles. Thereafter the Iranian patrol vessels surrounded the replica and annihilated it. Major General Hossein Salami said that Iran has demonstrated the capability of the Iranian navy and air force through this exercise.


The United States showered criticism on the war exercise. The US Navy alleged that the Iranian exercise terrorised the region. Senior officials from the fifth fleet of the US Navy accused ‘The United States holds its exercises keeping in view the security of its partner nations. Also, the US war exercises are always for freedom of marine movement. Whereas, Iran is trying to instil fear into others, through the exercise.’ Tension had been created in this region, for some time, as Iran made use of air-to-surface missiles during the exercise. The United States had placed its airbases at Al Dhafra in the United Arab Emirates and Al Udeid in Qatar, on high alert. The United States informed that one of the missiles landed in the marine region, close to the Al Dhafra airbase. The fleet of Indian Rafale fighter jets had halted at this base on their way from France.

Meanwhile, since the last few days, the tensions between the United States and Iran is increasing. Last week, US fighter jets had patrolled close to an Iranian passenger airliner, in the Syrian airspace. Thereafter, Iran warned the United States of dire consequences.

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