‘Iran will destroy US and annihilate Israel in next 25 years’, says Iran chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Third world war, iran, us, israelTehran: ‘Iran will destroy the United States and wipe out Israel from the world map in the next 25 years’, was the warning issued by the Chief of the Iranian ‘Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi. This warning issued by Mousavi, a close associate of the Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei, has made the atmosphere in the Persian Gulf more inflammable.


Major General Mousavi referred to the Iran-Iraq war of 1980s as a crusade, while talking to a news channel in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan. Iran proved to be superior in the war. Therefore, the United States who is a criminal and Israel who is an infiltrator, are also daunted by the Iranian strength, claimed the Iranian Army Chief. Major General Mousavi issued a warning to the United States and Israel, while speaking in the interview.

Third world war, iran, us, israel‘Destroying the United States and wiping out Israel from the world map, is Iran’s objective and it will realise its objective in the next 25 years’, claimed Mousavi. Previously, the Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei had declared about erasing Israel from the world map. Whereas, General Qassem Soleimani, Commander of the ‘Quds force’ in the Syrian and Iraqi conflict also, has spoken about completely uprooting Israel for the killing of a Hezbollah commander. Soleimani had claimed that the Hezbollah from Lebanon as well as the pro-Iran groups fighting in Iraq and Syria, will join in this war.

Meanwhile, there is a rise in the Iranian aggression in the Middle East and the security agencies of both the countries have expressed concerns that, Israel’s security and the United States interests are at stake due to this. The nuclear deal with Iran; and the increasing Iranian military activities in Syria and Lebanon, has been claimed to be responsible for this. The military analysts and scholars have expressed that these aggressive moves by Iran, may possibly be a cause for concern for this region. The current as well as the retired officials of the Israeli intelligence have already warned that the Iranian activities in Syria and Lebanon, can spark a conflict with Israel.

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