Adopt an aggressive stand against China who is using Uyghurs as slaves, appeals IPAC to G7

Washington/London: – The Chinese regime is using the Uyghurs and the other minorities as bonded labour, and lawmakers from various countries have appealed that the G7 should take the initiative for reforms in the global supply chain to curb this. The group, Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, has written an open letter to the heads of state of the G7 countries. The letter points to the human rights violations by China and the use of the Belt and Road scheme for oppression.


Two years ago, nearly 40 lawmakers from 20 countries had joined hands to form the group Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. The group’s main objective was to draw attention to the Chinese activities by raising voices aggressively against them on the international level as well as in the parliaments of their respective countries. The activities of the group are noteworthy, as the group includes lawmakers from the United States, the United Kingdom and influential countries from Europe. It has also been observed that even the Chinese regime had been forced to take cognisance of the moves made by this group.   

Currently, the G7 summit is being held in the United Kingdom, and it is said that the Coronavirus pandemic and the increasing Chinese activities are the critical issues on the agenda. Against this background, the open letter written by the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China is considered necessary. The letter has been signed by 14 lawmakers from the G7 member countries and two lawmakers from the European Parliament.  The letter mentions Chinese activities in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the South China Sea. But there is also a special mention of the atrocities against the Uyghurs.  

The lawmakers have pointed out, ‘The Chinese Xinjiang province produces everything from cotton to solar panels on a huge scale. This Chinese province has become an important part of the global supply chain for various products. The Chinese regime is exploiting the Uyghurs and other minorities in this very province as bonded labour. This is a major challenge, and if timely action is not taken, the companies and consumers the world over will become a part of these Chinese activities.’  

Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China has made an insistent demand that the G7 countries take the initiative to introduce reforms in the global supply chain to bring transparency. The letter warns that there is a need to take measures like banning the import of products manufactured in factories using bonded labour. 

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