The world must unite against the Coronavirus challenge, appeals Indian MEA S. Jaishankar

Matera – The world has to face the Coronavirus pandemic engulfing the world as a whole with global unity, appealed to India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. He also stated that henceforth, the world would not be able to depend on a single country for production, given the Coronavirus pandemic. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that the decentralization of production is necessary. He has conveyed the message in political language that in the future, we cannot depend on China, which is known as the world’s factory, for production.


Covid-19 pandemic,International Cooperation,S jaishankar,G20 Meet,External affairs minister,Johns Hopkins UniversityJaishankar visited Italy for the G20 summit, where he held talks with the foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Italy. Jaishankar said that he had a meaningful discussion with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on bilateral cooperation. At the same time, he acknowledged the need for global cooperation and unity to overcome the situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to him, global unification might be the answer to the challenge faced by the world due to the Coronavirus. This unity is essential on all fronts, from production to Coronavirus vaccines, said Jaishankar.

The Indian foreign minister claimed that because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the decentralization of the global manufacturing sector is necessary; he stated that this is a lesson taught by the pandemic. Furthermore, foreign Minister Jaishankar has expressed that the diversity on this front has become the need of the hour and should be reflected in international policies.

Meanwhile, at the G7 summit, allegations that China has spread the Coronavirus had been confirmed. At this conference, the member countries had held China accountable. There are chances of this being repeated in the G20 as well. China is being held responsible for the immeasurable damage caused by the Coronavirus, an accusation that is becoming more and more intense. It is now difficult for China’s international supporters, including China itself, to reject the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory. That is why this G20 summit seems to have great political and strategic significance.

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