INS Karanj, a Scorpene-class submarine, delivered to the Indian Navy

New Delhi: INS Karanj, the third of the six submarines from the Scorpene class, being built under Project 75, was delivered to the Indian Navy. INS Karanj was handed over to the Indian Navy in a function held at the Mazagon Docks Limited (MDL) on Monday. Scorpene-class submarines are also known as ‘Hunter Killers’. These French-made submarines prove to be important in fighting against warships and submarines. The Chinese Navy has a large number of submarines, and their movement near the Indian marine region is believed to be a threat to the country’s security. Against this background, the strength of the Indian Navy will increase with commissioning of INS Karanj.

MDL handed over the submarine to the Indian Navy after completing all the marine tests. INS Karanj had been launched in 2018. It has been built entirely at the MDL, under the make in India campaign. This is the third submarine from the Scorpene class to be handed over to the Indian Navy, and next month, it will be commissioned in the Indian Naval fleet.

INS Karanj, a Scorpene-class submarine, delivered to the Indian NavyIndia signed an agreement with the French company Messrs Naval group for six Scorpene-class submarines. INS Kalvari and INS Khanderi have already been commissioned in the Indian Naval fleet. INS Kalvari joined the fleet in 2017, and INS Khanderi joined in 2019. Marine tests are being conducted for two more submarines from this class, INS Vela and INS Vagir. INS Vagir was launched only three months ago. The sixth submarine from this class, INS Wagir, is still being built.

Scorpene-class submarines can remain at a depth of thousand feet for a long time. This submarine capable of remaining submerged for 50 days can dodge enemy radars. Therefore, Scorpene submarines will prove vital for entering enemy waters, finding necessary information and carrying out attacks on enemy warships and submarines.

For the last few years, China is systematically augmenting its naval might. During the Raisina Dialogue, held a few months ago, officials from the Indian defence forces had taken serious cognisance of the rising Chinese strength. The movement of Chinese destroyers and submarines in the Indian Ocean region is mainly a cause of concern for India. Chinese naval fleet has nearly 80 submarines. China is drawing up a plan to keep India engaged in this sector and hamper the expansion and influence of the Indian Navy. But India has devised a strategy to counter these Chinese moves.

According to this, submarines, destroyers and warships are being built for the Indian Navy. Indian Naval fleet has 17 submarines. Three of these are nuclear. Five more submarines are being constructed. Moreover, six submarines from the SSN class and three from the S5 category will also be built.

Two years ago, India had signed an agreement with Russia to lease one more Akula-class submarine, worth USD 3 billion. Russia will possibly deliver this submarine to India by 2025.

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