India’s forceful retaliation to Pakistan’s Uri attack, Indian Army infiltrates into PoK and conducts surgical strikes, kills nearly 40 terrorists

New Delhi, Sept 29 (PTI): Pakistan’s delusion that India would tolerate the terrorist attack at Uri, just like all the others in the past was shattered on Wednesday at midnight. The Indian Army infiltrated in PoK and attacked the terrorist bases killing 35 to 40 terrorists. In this 4.5 hour armed operation, the Indian Army did not suffer any casualties. The Director-General of Military Operations Lt. General Ranbir Singh announced about the attacks. Also, the Pakistan Army was made aware of these attacks, declared Lt. General Ranbir Singh.

pm-meet(1)After 18 soldiers were martyred in the Uri attack, the Indian Army had declared to avenge it. But the Indian Army would decide the place and time of the counter-attack, said Lt. General Ranbir Singh. Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned that those responsible for this cowardly attack will be punished. At the same time, Pakistan was trying to threaten India by saying that if it dared to infiltrate into PoK, a Nuclear War would begin. Hence, an artificial atmosphere was created to portray that the Indian Army had set aside its pursuit and military proceedings.

This lead to Pakistan Army’s negligence which allowed the Indian Army to give them a befitting hit-back. On Wednesday mid-night, the Indian Army para-commandos landed near Kashmir’s LoC. By infiltrating nearly 3 km into the PoK area, the battalion of commandos launched conclusive surgical strikes on 7 to 8 terror launch pads. Approximately 35 to 40 terrorists were killed in this attack. The attack was devised according to precise intelligence. Hence, this operation was a grand success in which the para-commandos killed terrorists and returned safely. It is said that the attack was carried out between 12:30 and 4:30 a.m.

Lt. General Ranbir Singh addressed media and gave a detailed report on the surgical strikes in the morning. The terrorists were in their camps beyond the LoC and were preparing to invade and launch new attacks in Jammu & Kashmir, said Lt. General Ranbir Singh. A wave of celebration swept across the nation after the surgical strikes were disclosed. The widow of a soldier from Bihar, who was martyred in the Uri attack, has welcomed this counter attack with an emotional response by saying that “My soul is now at peace”.

Retired Army officials have applauded the Indian Army for not only openly avenging Pakistan’s attacks but also the Government for taking such a decision for the first time. Strategic analysts claim that such an attack was the need of the hour.

It was necessary to remind Pakistan what the Indian Army is capable of. A very powerful message was sent to Pakistan through the attack. If they launch another attack, it would receive similar retaliation, claimed Indian Army officials and political leaders. In this context, all political parties have unanimously declared to stand by the Indian Government’s decision regarding the attacks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a dossier of the surgical strike to President Pranab Mukherjee. Also, the Home Minister of India, Mr. Rajnath Singh organized an All-Party meeting to declare the details of this military operation. India has disclosed the details of this covert operation to nearly 25 countries and also received support from the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council viz., United States of America, Russia, Britain, France, and China.

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