Indian PM’s visit to Qatar. India & Qatar sign seven agreements

After the Afghanistan tour, Prime Minster Narendra Modi has arrived in Qatar.  About seven bilateral Memoranda of Understanding(MoU) agreements were signed between two countries in this Qatar visit. There are abundant opportunities for Qatar industries to invest in India. PM, thus invited industrialist and entrepreneurs of Qatar to invest more in India.


Indian PM met Qatar’s Amir – Sheikh Tamim Bin Ahmad Al Thani. Last year Qatar’s Amir had visited India and had  invited Indian Prime Minster to visit Qatar. In 2014-15 financial  year the bilateral trade between the two countries crossed 15 billion dollars mark. India is the third largest oil importer from Qatar after Japan and South Korea. At the same time, last year export from India to Qatar has reached to 1 billion dollar. So Prime Minters’ Qatar visit is a very important from the point of view of oil, security, investment and business.

 Qatar’s industrialists have a big opportunity for investment in India, explained the Prime Minster. Especially in sectors like Railways, Defense related production and food processing industries as well as tourism, there is vast scope of investment for Qatar’s industrialist. He also ensured good environment in India for the investments. At the same time, Prime Minster expressed satisfaction for increased export from India to Qatar. 80 Crores of  youth are India’s super strength. Highest priority is given to the production sector and basic infrastructure development for the employment of these youth, said Prime Minster. That’s why investment in these sectors have proven to be more attractive, noted PM.

 On this occasion, Prime Minister also addressed Indians working in Qatar. Last year Qatar’s Amir visited India, where he highly praised the contribution of Indian community towards the Gulf State.  Prime Minister.said, “An image of country in foreign soil is not created by the leaders or diplomats of that country, but it is created by the people of that country who are working in different countries.” Prime Minister appreciated Indians working in Qatar by saying that because of their behavior, India’s image in foreign countries has enlightened.

 After Qatar, Prime Minster Modi is going to visit Switzerland, U.S. and Mexico. During his visit PM will be trying to develop investment and bilateral trade. A positive response has been received by the important countries around the world for the efforts put by Prime Minster for investment

 Agreements in Short
 To increase Qatar’s investment in India agreement has been made for National Investment and Infrastructure Fund’ between ”Qatar Investment Authority’ & India’s foreign Ministry

To keep an eye on Qatar’s money flow & investment in India agreement was made between ‘Financial Intelligence Unit India’ & ‘Qatar Financial Information Unit’. In this, financial fraud, money blanket for terrorist and other financial crimes are included

 Cooperation in two countries for border fees

 Also deals in sectors like Skill development and Education, Health, Tourism & Youth empowerment and Sports were concluded.

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