Indian researchers decode the Coronavirus genome sequence

Ahmedabad: – Indian researchers have achieved a vital breakthrough that will be the stepping stone for the development of a vaccine against Coronavirus, which has claimed more than a hundred thousand lives around the world. Scientists at the ‘Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre’ (GBRC) have succeeded in decoding the genome sequence of the Coronavirus. This discovery, of the Coronavirus Genome, becomes a vital step towards making the vaccine for Coronavirus, while the entire world is reeling under the pandemic and frantically trying to develop a vaccine.


The researchers, the world over, have not been able to find any clear information regarding the virus. At such a time, the GBRC scientists have made this discovery of the genome sequence of the Coronavirus. The GBRC scientists explained this. Genome is the genetic structure, its function and design. In short, the researchers have discovered the genetic composition of Coronavirus. GBRC becomes the first government laboratory, in India, to find such vital information regarding the virus.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani applauded and congratulated the scientists at the GBRC saying ‘The discovery of the GBRC will majorly help in finding the evolution of the virus, the medicines that will be effective against it, how can a vaccine be developed against it and the pathogenicity of the virus. This information will be useful not only for India but also for the entire world.’

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