Former Indian military officials warn to beware of China

Beijing: Indian and Chinese militaries will be holding joint war exercises at Chengdu in China. The military cooperation between the two countries had stopped post-Doklam. But the Chengdu joint war exercises have shown that the alliance has resumed. However, the former Indian military officials have warned that given the huge Chinese defence expenditure outlay and the ambitious policies of the country, it is better to be more cautious concerning China. The former Indian military officials pointed out the systematic Chinese modernisation and advancement of its defence forces, in a symposium held at Chandigarh.


indian military, china, military exercises, chengduIndian and Chinese military had a face-off at Doklam. From 16th June 2017 till 28th August 2017 the Indian and Chinese militaries were in a situation where a conflict could have been sparked any time. China had reminded India of the defeat in the 1962 war. China had threatened that India would have to suffer a more devastating and humiliating defeat than the 1962 war. But India did not pay any heed to the Chinese threats. Finally, the issue was resolved through political negotiations. But this stopped the cooperation between the two militaries.

But the military cooperation between India and China seems to have resumed since the last few months. Joint military exercises are to be initiated at Chengdu in China from the 11th of December, and 100 soldiers from both the militaries would be participating in them. The stress of these exercises will be counter-terrorism activities. Therefore, it is claimed that there will be increased coordination between the two militaries. Amid the news of these exercises, the former military officials have warned to be more careful about China.

Since the last few years, China is making systematic efforts to increase the capabilities of its defence forces. China is investing heavily in Drone development. At the same time, China has also made huge investments in the Artificial Intelligence sector. As per the former officials, this investment is to compete with the United States in these sectors. Moreover, the former officials pointed out that China who is aware of the fact that the future wars will be fought with drones and Artificial Intelligence has hugely increased its capabilities in these sectors.

Along with this, the former officials pointed out that China has focussed on the development of infrastructural facilities and India is mostly lagging in this sector. While China is increasing its military might, the Indian army is engaged in counter-terrorism and controlling rebellions. The soldiers will be the victims of the lack of advanced weaponry and facilities. The former officials issued a candid warning that the Indian government should spend more on the needs of the defence forces rather than spending on projects like the bullet train.

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