India increases infrastructure development at the LAC in response to China

New Delhi – The sacrifice of the 20 Indian soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, completed one year. The country is remembering all the martyrs with gratitude. On this occasion, the Indian Army, in collaboration with Indian Railways, successfully tested the ‘New Freight Corridor’. This will expedite the supply of weapons and other defence equipment to the soldiers on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Indian Army has initiated a spate of infrastructure projects near the LAC; this New Freight corridor is a part of the same efforts.


Colonel Santosh Babu,Dedicated Freight Corridor,DFC,Indian Army,LAC,Indian Railway,Bipin Rawat,,Whole of the Nation Approach,DFCCIL,Galwan Valley,Roll On-Roll Off service,RO-ROThe successful testing of this new corridor from New Rewari in Haryana to New Fulora becomes extremely important. China has developed the infrastructure necessary for military movements near the LAC. China was demanding India should not challenge India by undertaking such projects. In reply, India too implemented infrastructure projects near the LAC. China even started threatening India over these projects. The intrusion on the LAC in Ladakh and the Galwan conflict had this very background.

China believed that India would retreat after the Galwan conflict. But after losing 20 soldiers, there was tremendous discontent brewing in the Indian population against China. The Indian government, too, took some aggressive decisions against China. China, who thought that the issue would fall behind in India, will forget it and come to terms with the reality. Therefore, China has started speaking a reconciliatory language. But China is not willing to completely withdraw from the LAC in exchange for the friendship. India is repeatedly warning that it is not willing to believe the fraudulent Chinese words.

Upon completing one year of the Galwan conflict, China, who has realised that the Indian anger could erupt again, has initiated the language of cooperation and peace. Senior Colonel (Retd) Zhou Bo proposed that there should be a buffer zone created, between the two countries, on the LAC. As per Bo, conflicts like Galwan could be avoided if there is a buffer zone. But Zhou Bo has been ignoring that buffer zones existed on the LAC for a long time. Besides, there was no conflict till the Chinese intrusion was under control. At the same time, it is significant to note that China is not proposing this to India officially.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army has dramatically increased its deployment and preparedness in the Ladakh LAC sector and has prepared for an extended stay in the region. At the same time, the infrastructure projects near the LAC are being expedited. Indian Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat informed, a few days ago, that the Indian facilities on the LAC will match the Chinese facilities in the next two to three years. Therefore, the Chinese attempt to pressurise India with military might has boomeranged. At the same time, China has to pay a huge price for the aggression shown in the Galwan Valley near the LAC in Ladakh.

At one time, the Chinese mouthpiece was bragging that India has no alternative to Chinese goods and therefore, however angry the Indians are, they will have to buy Chinese products. But now whereas, the Indian government has banned Chinese apps and has also taken aggressive decisions to corner China on the trade front, the Indian population also has turned its back on Chinese Products. Therefore, the Chinese media and analysts, who were scoffing at India, have changed their stand, saying that India is meting out injustice to China. It is becoming evident that if China maintains this stand against India, India can deliver more severe jolts to China adopting a harsher stand.

It has been revealed in the G-7 summit, recently held in London, that member countries have started aligning against China. The strength of the front is significantly increased, with the Indian participation in the front. This has made China restless and now it is reminding India of the ‘Wuhan Spirit’. Chinese ambassador to India is appealing that both the countries should cooperate instead of engaging in conflicts. But these empty Chinese proposals are not likely to have any effect on India.

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