Indian Army chief reviews military preparedness along LAC in Arunachal and Sikkim

New Delhi: Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Naravane visited the Army base at Tejpur in Assam. China has increased the deployment in Aksai Chin, following the increased tension on the Ladakh border. Against the background of this increased Chinese deployment, India has increased the deployment at Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, along with Ladakh and the visit of the Army Chief, to the headquarter of the IV Corps, responsible for the security of these border areas, at Tejpur, becomes significant.


Indian Army Chief reviews defence preparedness on the China border in Arunachal and SikkimThe fifth round of talks between the Indian and Chinese senior military officials was recently concluded. But the meeting proved to be completely futile and China is not willing to withdraw from the Pangong Tso lake region. China has come up with a new excuse saying that China will withdraw its soldiers only after India withdraws its soldiers. Therefore, it is clear that the border tension between India and China will not be diffusing soon. Military analysts also are claiming that it is evident that the tension will not reduce soon.

Therefore, India has made preparations to maintain increased deployment in the region. Reports have been received that the Army is making preparations to continue with the deployment and weapon readiness, even in the adverse winter conditions. Reports are also being received that the Indian Army needs four to six special surveillance satellites, to keep track of Chinese movements and the Indian Army has made a pressing demand to the government for fulfilment or the requirement. Actions also have been planned accordingly.

Against this background, the Army Chief is on his Assam visit. The Army base at Tejpur has special importance given the Chinese border. The headquarters of the IV Corps is in Tejpur and the base is considered essential for the security of the Siliguri highway, connecting to northeastern India and the rapid deployment in Arunachal Pradesh. The infrastructure has been developed till Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, in the last few years, to enable the Army to make rapid deployments. Army Chief Manoj Naravane has visited Tejpur, at a time when the military deployment in Arunachal Pradesh has been increased following the Ladakh tension. This also delivers a message that India is prepared on all the frontiers.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry has once again insisted that China should fulfil the promises made. India retorted that it hopes China will take the promises made, to diffuse the border tension, seriously. Recently China had expressed hope that India will not mix border issues and bilateral relations and will not let the difference of opinions escalate into a dispute. Against this background, India has once again reminded China of its betrayal.

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