India reprimands China that complains to WTO

New Delhi: China has run to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), against the changes made by India to the Foreign Direct Investment regulations (FDI) and the ban imposed on the Chinese apps. China has complained to the WTO that the changes made by India, to the FDI regulations and ban on the Chinese apps, are discriminatory and a violation of international rules. India reprimanded that there is no substance in the Chinese complaint. Also, India has not violated any WTO regulations and China needs to first think about the transparency of its policies.


India reprimands China that complains to WTOFollowing the Ladakh conflict, India started delivering economic jolts to China regularly. India made changes to the FDI regulations, to control the Chinese investment, keeping in view the overall interests of the Indian industry. The new rules make it mandatory for every investment coming from a neighbouring country, to have a clearance from the government. China seemingly has been severely hit by the new regulations. India has also banned 234 Chinese apps. The United States also has taken similar decisions. China has approached the WTO against these and is making a fuss that the Indian ban on the Chinese apps violates the international regulations.

India has dismissed all the accusations levelled by China. India has not violated any international laws. Therefore, India is not worried about the complaint. If the WTO admitted the complaint and asked India to explain, all the arguments to prove the correctness of the policy remedies will be made. A senior official said that protection of the privacy of its citizens is the primary objective and responsibility of the government.

India reprimands China that complains to WTOIndia has always stressed on the all-inclusive trade and services. Even during the Coronavirus crisis, India fulfilled its international duties. Therefore, Indian credibility is high. India retorted that China must check its record in this respect. India said that China has still not shown the willingness to open its markets for foreign trade and services completely.

China never expected that India would take such direct actions against it, following the intrusion in Ladakh and the cowardly attack on the Indian soldiers. China was trying to boast that the Indian boycott of the Chinese products will not affect China in any way. But China has started feeling the heat of the Indian decisions. Therefore, China now remembers international regulations.

India opened the gates for Chinese companies and investors. But China made complicated regulations to ensure that Indian companies are not able to export much to China. China ignored the repeated Indian objections over the increasing trade deficit. But now China is agitated given the Coronavirus crisis, the US-China trade war and the indications of an impending Australia-China trade war. In this scenario, China cannot afford to lose the Indian market.

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