China holds live-fire drills in Tibet near LAC in a bid to provoke India  

New Delhi: – After agreeing not to let the tension escalate, on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), China has started moves to increase the tension rather than reducing it. Chinese military held a live firing exercise in Tibet. The Indian news channels cautioned that China is trying to warn India by publishing photographs and videos of the exercises. Chinese defence ministry tried to coverup, saying that the exercises were pre-planned.   

China had agreed during the Brigadier level talks that it will not deploy any additional soldiers, on the LAC. The former military officials and analysts are warning that India should not believe in China if India remains unmindful of the Chinese activities, China will not stop short of forging ahead in the Ladakh region. The Indian military dominated the Ladakh region during the Galwan conflict and thereafter. India is responding very strongly to Chinese aggression. This was accepted even by the US Congressmen and had praised India over it.   

The Chinese border disputes with the south-east Asian countries and the United States, Australia and Japan have festered. Still, it was the Indian military who showed the courage and bravery to actually kill the Chinese soldiers in a conflict scenario, demonstrating that it does not pay any heed to the Chinese military might. The tough Indian stand is reverberating around the world and the anti-China tone is intensifying. Moreover, the Indian government has made China pay a very dear economic price for the misadventure on the LAC, by the ban on the Chinese apps and imports from China. Other countries too, have started following the Indian footsteps. Therefore, the repercussions of this firm Indian stand are also being felt in Chinese internal politics. Displeasure is being expressed by the Chinese communist party, over the stand adopted by President Jinping regarding India.

Some time ago, India had to think about joining the QUAD cooperation with the United States, Japan and Australia, to take an aggressive stand against China. But the Indian decision to join QUAD firmed up with the Chinese activities on the LAC. Australia and Japan shocked China by signing defence agreements with India, while India was engaged in a conflict with China, on the Ladakh border. China has realised that this cooperation will prove to be decisive in the future. Against this background, China wants to deliver a message to the world that China superseded India on the LAC. The former military officials and diplomats are persistent that India should not forget that China is waiting just for an opportunity. 

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