India slams Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ in the United Nations 

United Nations: – Indian First Secretary in the United Nations, Senthil Kumar made a scathing remark ‘Imran Khan’s ‘Naya Pakistan’, is a place where there is no guarantee of anyone returning home safely.” India also remarked that Pakistan, who is accusing other countries of trampling human rights, should first see what is happening in its own country. India also delivered a slap across Pakistan’s face, who keeps raising the Jammu-Kashmir issue, despite falling flat on its face on various international platforms. India warned Pakistan, who is harbouring terrorists, not to interfere in the internal Indian issues. India attacked Pakistan, who was making accusations against India in the UN Human Rights Conference. Pakistan security forces, abduct and kill citizens, under the pretext of counter-terrorism actions. Pakistan judiciary has completely failed to protect the rights of the Pakistani population. Women are facing atrocities in Pakistan. Journalists are receiving death threats in Pakistan. Indian First Secretary in the United Nations, Senthil Kumar castigated Pakistan saying that this is the look of the Naya Pakistan of Imran Khan.  


Senthil Kumar launched a scathing attack saying that there is no guarantee of a person returning home, in this Naya Pakistan. The incidence of local leaders and journalists disappearing, abductions and killing of opponents has increased in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Kumar drew attention to the fact that the Pakistan security forces take action against anyone raising a voice against this.   

Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi raised the Jammu-Kashmir issue in the United Nations. Indian First Secretary Vidisha Maitra vigorously attacked Pakistan over this issue. Raising the Jammu-Kashmir issue, on the United Nations platform, has become a trademark for Pakistan. It has been exposed that Pakistan is harbouring and training terrorists. Maitra reminded that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had referred to a terrorist as a martyr. Moreover, Maitra pointed out that the minorities in Pakistan are facing atrocities. This is a frantic effort of Pakistan to divert the attention of the United Nations from itself. 

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