India imposes ban on certain Chinese products

The import of certain products from China like milk, milk products, mobile phones has been banned said the Union Minister for Commerce Nirmala Sitharaman. She added that the unacceptable quality of these products had prompted the decision. However the WTO rules do not allow blanket banning of products from a particular country. The ‘Masood Azhar’ issue had caused a strain in the India-China relations and on that background, the ban imposed by India on Chinese goods assumes a particularly large political significance.India imposes ban on certain Chinese products


On the declaration of the ban, Nirmala Sitharaman further clarified that this kind of action on products of unacceptable quality did indeed comply with the rules of the WTO although a total ban on goods imported from a country did not. China’s veto had blocked bid to ban Masood Azhar, the mastermind behind the Pathankot terror attack. Strong reactions were then expressed from India’s end and this ban on certain Chinese goods has been construed as a move in retaliation to the veto underlining further, its importance.

Two days ago, India had granted visa to the leader of the World Uyghur Congress, ‘Dolkun Isa’ labelled terrorist by China. Irked, China then reminded India that the Interpol had issued a red corner notice against him following which India revoked the visa. China had expressed concern over the issue, stated the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Information Department Hua Chunying, implying that India had ultimately yielded to China’s pressure. She affirmed at the same time that China was in touch with India in the matter.

The official sources in the Indian Home Ministry however clarified that the visa was cancelled only on technical grounds and that in the future, India could even consider granting Dolkun Isa a visa. It is to be believed thus that India has maintained pressure on China. In the midst of diplomatic moves from both sides, China has now taken to making remarks on India’s policies about China

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