India-Greece must unite against threat of Turkey-Pakistan, appeal Greek leaders and intellectuals

New Delhi: Turkey and Pakistan pose a possible threat to India and Greece. Hence, India and Greece must revive their historical relations to strengthen their defence cooperation, said Greek leaders and intellectuals in the press. As Pakistan poses a terror threat, India, which has a legacy of suavity, and Greece’s Eurasian cooperation will help maintain the balance and assert the Greek leaders and intellectuals.  


Recently, a webinar titled ‘Indo-Greek Cooperation: Countering the Turkey-Pakistan Nexus’ was held. The webinar was attended by Greek leader and Member of European Parliament (MEP Emmanouil Fragkos) and Editor-in-Chief of Greek news platform Pentaspostagma, Andreas Mountzouroulias. Over the last few months, Greece is gravely threatened by Turkish aggression. Besides, Turkey had claimed its right over Greek crude oil region. It also threatened Greece of military action.   

At the same time, Greece expressed concern that Pakistan has become a close ally of Turkey; hence, Turkey can use it against Greece. So, Mountzouroulias claimed that it is essential to strengthen Indo-Greece cooperation. Earlier, news had surfaced about Pakistan prepared to grant nuclear missile technology to Turkey. Against that background, the significance of Indo-Greece collaboration is on the rise, said Andreas Mountzouroulias.   

In future, India and Greece must produce ammunition in unison and be prepared to face a threat, asserted Mountzouroulias. The Pakistani action in India’s Jammu and Kashmir is backed by Turkey. Moreover, Mountzouroulias accused Turkey of luring Indian youth into terrorism by granting them discipleship via NGOs.   

Furthermore, MEP Emmanouil Fragkos expressed grave concern over the rising religious intolerance Turkey and Pakistan. But India and Greece existed long before their neighbouring countries were born. Fragkos reminded that the two nations had also developed cultural relations. Thus, Fragkos appealed that India and Greece must revive these relations and strengthen their defence cooperation.   

Meanwhile, in November, Indian MEA S. Jaishankar said that Greece is India’s strategic partner in a Greek foreign ministry meeting. After Turkey took sides with Pakistan on Jammu and Kashmir’s issue, India decided to increase cooperation with Greece that has strained relations with Turkey.  

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