India and China relationship is cold war-like bond in making, claims US Expert Ayres

Washington: ‘Relation between India and China is ‘Cold War-like’ situation in the making. The relations with China are becoming increasingly unsatisfactory for India. Still India will not participate in the front led by the US to control China’, claims US Expert Alyssa Ayres.


India-China-relationshipA book titled ‘Our Time Has Come: How India is Making its Place in the World’, authored by Alyssa Ayres, who served in the South and Central Asia Bureau of the US State Department, has been published. This was quoted by Ayres while speaking in a program arranged on this occasion by the ‘Council on Foreign Affairs’,.

A Cold War-like situation between Indian and China has formed. The economic relations between India and China are good. But these relations are getting increasingly unsatisfactory for India. The US is also experiencing the same in its relations with China, Ayres pointed out.

At the same time, China’s presence in the regions of Indian Ocean is becoming a cause for concern for India. While China has established a base in Djibouti located in the Indian Ocean, the relations of China with Pakistan and Sri Lanka are increasing concerns for India. Nevertheless, India will not take part in the efforts started by the US to contain China and in the US-led coalition which is formed for the purpose, claimed Ayres.

Although the tensions with China are increasing on one side, India has maintained their cooperation with China. India has participated in the ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ (AIIB), initiated by China. Likewise, India along with China is a member nation in ‘BRICS’ association. Also, India has received the membership of the China led ‘Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’ (SCO).

It is clear from this that, India is not interested to be a part of the mission of the US against China. India only wants to protect their own interest, clarified Ayres. At the same time, India is a nation who adheres to the international laws and promotes the freedom of transport, and India will definitely oppose China’s policies that are against these, added Alyssa Ayres.

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