Hezbollah criticizes US attacks on ‘IS’

Beirut : Indications have come from Hezbollah, that if US and its friendly nations do not stop the air attacks on ‘IS’, then it is the Syrian citizens who end up becoming victims. Hezbollah has criticized the US for attempting to break the ceasefire agreement between the ‘IS’ and the Hezbollah, by mounting air attacks on ‘IS’. Hezbollah has also shown willingness to save the ‘IS’ vehicles from the US attacks by diverting them through alternate routes.


US attacks

Hezbollah has been recognised as the armed organisation of the Shia sect in Lebanon; and there are grumblings in the West that this Organisation has a total backing from Iran. Hezbollah, which has a strong support of the Assad Government, has been fighting in Syria along with the Syrian army to save the Government. A few days back, there was news that the ‘IS’ and the Hezbollah have agreed for a ceasefire. It seems given this background, Hezbollah has been opposing the US attacks on ‘IS’.

A convoy of 17 buses carrying approximately 300 ‘IS’ terrorists have been on the move from ‘Qalamoun’, on the border of Lebanon to ‘Deir al Zour’ to the east of Syria. The Assad Government in Syria and the Hezbollah had provided a safe passage to the ‘IS’ convoys. But authorized sources from Hezbollah blame the US for causing obstacles in the path of these ‘IS’ convoys.

Hezbollah has been criticizing the US  and its friendly countries for mounting air attacks near ‘Deir al zour’ and trapping and cornering ‘IS’. Hezbollah claims that the convoys have not only the ‘IS’ terrorists but also their families. For that very reason, Hezbollah has been requesting US to stop attacks on the ‘IS’ convoys. If the US does not stop the air attacks many would die. If this happens, Hezbollah fears, that the ceasefire agreement with the ‘IS’ may abruptly end and a major conflict would explode in Syria.

In the beginning of the month of August, Hezbollah had declared a conflict on the ‘IS‘ in the area between Lebanon and Syria. The Lebanese military also participated. The conflict had been started by Hezbollah to free the mountaineous area of Qalamoun from the clutches of ‘IS’. The conflict which had continued for two or three weeks was brought to an end by the lead taken by the Assad Government and the ceasefire agreement was brought about between the ‘IS’ and the Hezbollah.

Due to the ceasefire agreement, the Lebanese soldiers captured by the ‘IS’ were released, while the bodies of the dead were handed over to the Hezbollah. In return, Hezbollah promised a safe passage to the ‘IS’ up till ‘Deir al zour’. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, welcomed the ceasefire and declared it as a major victory for the Hezbollah. But certain Hezbollah groups in Lebanon, expressed anger at the ceasefire. US and Iraq too criticized heavily the ceasefire.

However, Hezbollah seems firm on the issue of ceasefire with the ‘IS’.

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