53 killed in violence in Nigeria

Gusau – The attack in the north-western state of Zamfara claimed 53 lives. Local police informed that the victims include farmers and herders. A week ago, an international organisation warned that the increasing violence in the Zamfara state would create a grave crisis. The economy of this region is dependent on agriculture and gold mines.


Nigeria,attacked farmers,Zamfara police,Mohammed Shehu,Bello Matawalle,killer banditsThere were major attacks in the Zamfara state, one of the unstable states in Nigeria. The assailants who came in motor cars attacked the villages of Kadawa, Kwata, Maduba, Ganda Samu, Saulawa and Askawa in the Zurmi district. The attackers targeted the villagers, farmers and those trying to escape the attacks. As per the information given by the Zamfara police, the dead bodies of 53 villagers have been found. Police said that soldiers have been deployed in this region following the attacks.

The media claimed that the casualties in the Zamfara attacks are between 60 and 90. But the police dismissed the claim and said that the number of deaths is not more than 60. As per the locals, all these attackers are hiding in the Zurmi jungle. The residents of the Zurmi district blocked the highway demanding an action against these gangs responsible for regular attacks on the villagers, looting the villagers and stealing the cattle. But the Zurmi police have not taken any action against these attackers hiding in the Zurmi jungle.

Nigeria,attacked farmers,Zamfara police,Mohammed Shehu,Bello Matawalle,killer banditsFour days ago, the attackers abducted at least 60 women in an attack on the Malele and Randa villages. Whereas, in February, the attackers seized 300 girl students and, before that, some more students. It is claimed that these attackers are carrying out these abductions for ransom. But the local population is irritated because of the increasing attacks and the inefficiency of the local security agencies. In addition, concerns are being expressed that the Nigerian citizens from the Zamfara state are migrating to neighbouring Niger. An international organisation had warned that if this continues, there will be a massive humanitarian crisis in Zamfara.

Nigeria,attacked farmers,Zamfara police,Mohammed Shehu,Bello Matawalle,killer banditsThere are local gangs in the Nigerian states, including Zamfara, along with the terrorist organisations affiliated with IS and Al-Qaeda. There are gangs involved in stealing the cattle. The Nigerian government is blamed for its failure to act against the terrorist organisations as well as the local gangs. A few days ago, even French President Macron criticised the Nigerian head of state.

Meanwhile, the economy of the Zamfara state heavily depends on agriculture. At the same time, it is also claimed that there are large gold mines in the state.

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