French company Thales invests in Uttar Pradesh to produce Power Generations Systems for Rafale

Lucknow: – The Thales company from France, manufacturing defence equipment and Power Generation systems for the Rafale fighter jets, has opened a corporate office at Noida, in Uttar Pradesh. Siddhartha Nath Singh, Minister for micro, small and medium industries, in the Uttar Pradesh government, said that the Thales company, in collaboration with the MKU company in Kanpur, will be manufacturing Night Vision equipment for the Indian military.   


rafale-power-generation-systemConfidence is being expressed that Uttar Pradesh will play an important role in defence equipment manufacture as Thales, involved in the manufacture of defence equipment along with the technology sector, has set up its corporate office in the state. The Thales company has signed an agreement with the MKU company, to manufacture Night Vision radars for the Indian military. Along with this, manufacture of advanced equipment for the Rafale fighter jets also is under consideration.   

Nearly four months ago, Microsoft started its centre in Uttar Pradesh. After that, now, Thales is making a massive investment in Uttar Pradesh. The investment made by Thales makes it clear that there is a huge potential for defence equipment manufacture in Uttar Pradesh. Singh said the investment made by Thales in Uttar Pradesh would be a part of the defence equipment corridor in the state.   

Thales, with a turnover of $20 billion, has signed agreements HAL, BHEL, and L&T companies in the technology sector. Therefore, it is being claimed that Uttar Pradesh will take the lead in the technology sector; there will be a scope created for local skills development.   

The company had said that it would be investing in Uttar Pradesh, during the Defence Expo, held in the state. Siddharth Nath Singh informed that due to the government’s initiatives to increase the ease of doing business in the state, Uttar Pradesh has risen from 12th spot to 4th spot.   

Emmanuel de Roquefeuil, VP & Country Director for India, of Thales, said that the company would be manufacturing radars, Electronic Coil Systems, Cockpit Display Systems and the Power Generation system for the Rafale fighter jets in Uttar Pradesh. 

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