Indian MEA S. Jaishankar visits Greece; Greece participates in the International Solar Alliance

New Delhi- Indian MEA S. Jaishankar is on a visit to Greece. He met with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and held discussions with them. According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the two countries have agreed on the potential threat posed by terrorism and violent extremism. At the same time, the Indian MEA has expressed satisfaction that Greece has joined the International Solar Alliance, which India set up.   


Pakistan and Turkey have decided to form a solid political and military alliance, which could significantly impact Greece. Moreover, Greece’s security has been threatened because of a maritime dispute with Turkey. Hence, Turkey is warning of military action against Greece. At the same time, Turkey is also threatening of releasing large numbers of refugees from Africa and other countries into Greece. In such a scenario, Greece has taken a strategic decision of increasing cooperation with India. India has also responded to it, as reflected in MEA Jaishankar’s visit to Greece.  

During MEA Jaishankar’s visit, Greece decided to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and signed the agreement, which MEA Jaishankar welcomed. ISA is an Indian-initiated organisation whose primary goal is to promote and establish eco-friendly solar energy. At the same time, it is being claimed by some that the organisation has the potential to exert political influence. In particular, it is clear that India’s global influence is now coming into the limelight.  

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministers of India and Greece praised the system based on international norms. Both the ministers have expressed an expectation that all should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other country, and the framework of international law should not be violated. Both India and Greece appear to be targeting China, which has been encroaching on the Indo-Pacific region, and Turkey, claiming Greece’s maritime borders. Furthermore, the Indian MEA and Greek counterpart discussed the current situation in the East Mediterranean. This information was disclosed by the Ministry of External Affairs of India.  

At the same time, the foreign ministers of India and Greece have agreed that terrorism and violent extremism pose a significant threat to the world. The foreign ministers of both countries also accepted that this includes terrorism which is being exported across the border. However, foreign Minister Jaishankar and External Affairs Minister Dendias insisted that terrorism cannot be supported in any way.  

While irresponsible countries like Pakistan and Turkey are taking the lead against democratic countries like India and Greece, Greek analysts urge India and Greece to respond by strengthening their cooperation. Greek analysts also recall that the two countries have had cultural and trade ties for thousands of years. 

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