Five Eyes Alliance alleges CCP of running campaign to suppress voices against them 

London/Beijing: – The Five Eyes Alliance lashed out at China, frankly, by saying that the ruling Chinese communist party has started a campaign to finish all the voices that are raised against it systematically. The group includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A few days ago, China delegated powers to the Hong Kong administration to dismiss elected representatives. Intense reactions have emanated from the international community, and the criticism made by Five Eyes also is a part of the same response.  


The implementation of the National Security Law, prepared by Chinese President Xi Jinping for Hong Kong, started from the 1st of July. According to this law, any act against China is termed illegal and anti-national, and there is a provision for life imprisonment for these acts. The new law allows the agencies to hold the hearings on camera. Chinese, as well as the Hong Kong agencies, have arrested many people under the new law and actions against these people have also been initiated. China is consistently increasing the scope of the law. Action against elected representatives is a part of the same increase of scope.   

The Hong Kong administration dismissed four elected representatives from the city under instructions from China. They were accused of activities posing a national threat to China. A strong reaction had been received from Hong Kong over the action. Fifteen elected representatives protested against the action with mass resignations. The international community has taken cognisance of the issue, and the Five Eyes Alliance has showered strong criticism on China.   

The Five Eyes Alliance had warned China, even in the past, over the Hong Kong issue. But the new action suggests that China has not taken any lesson from it. The US and British intelligence agencies had signed an agreement to increase cooperation against the background of the second world war. Thereafter, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were included in the front. Steps to strengthen the front were taken during the times of cold war, between the United States and USSR. Although the group was active even after the end of the cold war, the activities had reduced to an extent. China has expressed displeasure on the criticism made by the Five Eyes Alliance and has said that interference in internal matters will not be tolerated.   

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