EU passes the resolution to boycott China Winter Olympics over the issue of Uyghur atrocities

Brussels – The European Union has a passed resolution appealing the EU member nations to not accept the invitation to 2022 China Winter Olympics. This resolution was passed given the ongoing violation of human rights by the Chinese Communist Regime in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet. China has strongly reacted to this European Parliament resolution. Besides, China also criticised that this resolution passed with a political purpose is a part of irresponsible behaviour.


China, EU, Winter OlympicsOn Thursday, aggressive stance was adopted against the ongoing human rights violation by Chinese Communist Regime in the session of the European Parliament conducted in Strasbourg. The European Parliament strictly protested against the ongoing Chinese oppression in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet. Moreover, the parliament warned that the violation of human rights would not be tolerated. A resolution against this issue was passed with 578 against 29 votes accepted. In the resolution, the leaders and officials of the European commission and Union alongside European nations have demanded that the China Winter Olympics be boycotted.

‘It is clear that many EU member states and also the European Commission are reluctant to speak out against China’s repressive measures in Hong Kong. The consensus on these issues in the European Parliament is very strong. We will fight to ensure that member state governments in Europe also take an unyielding stance,’ said senior MEP Reinhard Butikofer in support of this resolution.

In the last three months, the European Parliament has jolted China for the second time. Earlier, in May, the European Union had passed a resolution to postpone the investment treaty with China. This resolution was passed in retaliation to the sanctions imposed by China on the European officials. At the time, the European Parliament had fired salvos of criticism against Chinese mishandling of human rights and Uyghur atrocities going on in the Xinjiang province.

China, EU, Winter OlympicsNow, by adopting the stance to boycott the China Winter Olympics, the European Parliament has indicated strengthening its anti-China policy furthermore. China has expressed sheer discontent against this stance of European Parliament and criticised it heavily. China firmly opposes the politicization of sports and the interference in other countries’ internal affairs by using human rights issues as a pretext. Attempts to disrupt, obstruct and sabotage the preparation and convening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are out of political motivation. This is absolutely imprudent,’ Chinese diplomat Wang Wenbin said.

Before the European Parliament, the British Parliament had also demanded to boycott the China Winter Olympics. Moreover, Canada and United States House have also held onto this demand to increase pressure on China. The effects of which can be witnessed. Besides, a lot other countries could decide to boycott this China Olympics it seems.

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